Carmen Electra leaked video

Sex scandal, sex video -- still one of the most searched topics among interested web users. There was not a day in a week where sex-related topics has been left off to ignore. Just recently, there's the Carmen Electra leaked video. In this video, Carmen Electra is shown cavorting with a scantily-clad brunette while sipping a bottle champagne. Electra was wearing nothing but high heels, stockings, pants, a red bra and diamond-studded choker. The pair stimulate lesbian sex and play-up to the cameraman. But the video does not feature Electra actually having sex. There are speculations that this leaked video is a publicity stunt to promote a new movie or TV show.

Shauna Sand
Meanwhile, disgraced Miss California Carrie Prejean has been advised by Shauna Sand on marketing her video -- the video which caused her to retract her suit against the pageant. Sand sent Prejean a letter in an attempt to convince her to stop fighting the release of her sex tape, and take the million dollar offer from the Vivid Entertainment company.

Here's an excerpt of Shauna's letter obtained by celebrity website TMZ:
"I made my own very private and personal video earlier this year with my ex-boyfriend and a third party brought it to Vivid. I was stunned and terrified at what might happen if this footage was made public.

I hired an attorney who sent a cease and desist letter to Steven Hirsch at Vivid and shortly after he received it, Steven called me and requested a meeting.

I went to the meeting full of rage. During the meeting, however, I realised that I could actually take control of the situation. Instead of spending thousands of dollars in legal fees for a lawsuit that could take months or even years to be resolved, I could actually turn things around.

I told Steven that I wanted to eliminate any compensation to the third party since it was my movie that I not only starred in, but also directed and added the music to. I also told him that I wanted to be involved in the marketing of the movie as I really cared about it.

I’m really glad I made that decision. I’m proud of my body and of the passion that I felt during the making of the movie which became “Shauna Sand Exposed.”

Why don’t you consider taking control yourself and handle this situation on your own terms so that you are in the driver’s seat. It all starts with a telephone call to Steven to find out what your options are. I’d be happy to talk to you one-on-one about how I did it."
The question is, would "biblically correct" Prejean heed that advice? If she still values even a little of morality, she should not go for it. She must uphold what she believes. She had said that the sex video she had made was the biggest mistake of her life. So, Prejean must not sell out her tape because mistake + mistake = eternal downfall.