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Mortgage Refinance Rates – Exploring the Best Mortgage Refinance Rates

Mortgage Refinance Rates – Exploring the Best Mortgage Refinance Rates

Finding the right kind of loan these days not only consumes quality time but also needs wise thinking and correct decision making. With changes in market economy, it has become so unpredictable to judge the market and hence all one needs to do is to sit and study the market trends. When there are ups and downs in market, which is quite normal, then applying for a loan and getting the best mortgage refinance rates seems a little difficult; hence whenever the market conditions are low it is sure that the interest rates would also be low and then is the right time to apply for loan and lock the interest rate that is available. This would ensure low monthly payments which would be quite affordable rather than applying for a loan which carries comparatively high mortgage refinance rates. Getting high mortgage refinance rates on your loan implies a high amount of money to be paid every month, which would in turn disturb your financial stability.

Whatever mortgage refinance rates are decided will all depend on the credit rating. If the credit score is good then the interest rates are quite cheap and affordable but for those who carry a bad credit score will get a little high interest rate.

These days there are a lot of lending companies offering a variety of loans and attractive interest rates. Thus, getting information about mortgage refinance rates and loans is quite easy and fast. Besides, using the online system is again a boon, as by sitting at home or in the office all kind of additional and required information can be attained about the loan and the institution or companies that offer various kinds of loan. At online sites, you can be sure that the mortgage refinance rates are not highly charged and a thorough also reveals other information and facts. It is always best to have a clear idea and vivid picture of the types of loan available right here on the World Wide Web and the facilities or features attached to it so that the decision can be made accordingly to lead a carefree life. Everything regarding the loan should be clearly understood in terms of the loan amount, the down payment, mortgage refinance rates, mode of payment whether it will be monthly or quarterly so that there are no confusions and complications from both the parties.

A wise decision when it comes to taking a loan is that no matter whatever the loan type, it is fundamental to make payments on time and as established with the lender. Thus, a good decision would be to plan in advance and then take a concrete decision regarding the amount and the type of loan to be applied, along with the correct mortgage refinance rates. Planning is always beneficial to both the debtor and creditor and so in matters related to finances it is best to set a target so that it is achieved as per your plans.

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Your New Vehicle: Buying Vs. Leasing

When shopping for a new vehicle there are a variety of options available. In some cases, it is seen as cheaper to lease a new vehicle than to purchase one outright, or by using a payment plan. Experts recommend leasing to those that like to upgrade their vehicle at the end of the term. Did you know that the leasing payments essentially pay for the depreciation of the vehicle that will come at the end of the term?

With a new vehicle lasting on average six years, combined with the fact that you never get the money that was initially invested into the vehicle – many experts advocate leasing. Leasing is a way to offset the costs of replacing the vehicle, using payments to borrow the vehicle for a long period of time.

The benefits of leasing can be seen in the lower monthly payments. Did you know that leasing costs as much as thirty to sixty percent less than paying a monthly premium on a vehicle loan? With these lower monthly payments, comes the option of having a new vehicle, more often than purchasing a new vehicle. After all, you are going to make the car payments anyway – why not have a new vehicle every to two five years while paying lower monthly payments.

Monthly payments aren’t the only way to save money on a leased vehicle. Sales tax amounts are lower on a leased vehicle than on a vehicle that has been purchased outright, or a vehicle that is being funded through a financing plan. The down payment that comes with the cost of leasing is often much lower than what comes with the purchase of a new vehicle. A percentage of the down payment that is required through the purchase of a vehicle is higher than with leasing, as much as ten percent higher.

Leasing a vehicle is essentially renting the vehicle for an extended period of time. How does the leasing process work? First, the customer decides how long the period will be in which they decide to lease the vehicle, usually, a period of two to five years.

When choosing to lease a vehicle, there are certain contractual obligations that come with the agreement. First, the vehicle must be under a certain amount of mileage when traded. If not, than penalties may exist for each mile in which the vehicle is over. Second, the vehicle must be in good condition – inside, outside and throughout the components of the engine. If these conditions are not met than the lessee of the vehicle is expected to pay certain penalties that come with the contract.

So, with the many benefits that come with leasing – what are the benefits that come with the purchase of a vehicle? When purchasing a new vehicle, it comes with a warranty. Many of the costs that come with the wear and tear of a vehicle are not covered while leasing – while buying a vehicle, these costs are often covered. Combine this with the benefit of the profits that stand to be earned when the vehicle is sold – and buying may be another option to consider. If you are in the market for a new vehicle, compare both choices and find which one suit you best.

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Free Online Mortgage Calculators Can Help You Save Your Money

While doing research on mortgages online, it is possible that you will stumble on something called as a mortgage calculator. A number of websites catering to mortgage needs do have free online mortgage calculators. A lot of these websites are mostly run by various mortgage lenders/brokers and others are run by those who just want to educate mortgage seekers with useful details. You might be doubtful of precisely what it can achieve for you, if you have never used a mortgage calculator before.

These calculators are used to help you find out the amount you will have to shell out to be the owner of a home. There are different mortgage calculators; however several are intended to inform you what your monthly mortgage payments will be. Similar details can be found by consulting a mortgage lender or any other financial expert. On the other hand, a lot of individuals decide estimating the cost of owning a home from the comfort of their home using their computer. To find out your monthly mortgage payments, you will have to present some details. In view of the fact that mortgage calculators do differ, you might come across calculators that have need of various details. The details that are considered necessary are the amount of your loan, the tenure of your loan, and the interest rates.

If you are still to take a mortgage, the details you provide will have to be estimated as realistic as it can be. Loan tenures generally increase by five year, up to thirty. The loan amount is generally the cost of the home that you want to buy. Interest rates can be as low as four percent; however can as well be as high as ten. Given that mortgage calculators are simple to operate, if you feel powerless to crop up with an estimate, you may seek a permutation of options to provide you a monthly cost of the mortgage.

As stated earlier, mortgage calculators are available at various places. Mortgage lenders/brokers and other mortgage service providers are likely to revise their websites more regularly than websites that provide free details on it. For a state of the art and correct mortgage calculator, you would like to think about visiting the website that provide you with complete details on current mortgage trends. Although you do not plan on taking your mortgage from that service provider, you can still utilize their mortgage calculator without any obligations.

You will find that the majority of online calculators are free to use, once you browse the internet for a mortgage calculator. While searching online, it is possible that you will find many websites that would like you to pay a small fee to make use of their calculator. If you would like to pay the cost, you can do so. On the other hand, it is essential to keep in mind that you need not have to pay if you use free online mortgage calculators. The details provided by a free mortgage calculator are supposed to be the identical as the details provided by a mortgage calculator that charges you money. Given that the details are the identical, you are recommended to save your cash. You might be surprised to find out that the home you once considered was not viable in fact isn’t any more.

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5 Simple Tips You Can Follow on How to Start a New Business

How to start a new business? This is one of the important things to be considered before starting a new business. Starting a new business is hard to do especially when you don’t know how to start it. There are many things to be considered before you start a new business such as planning, tools, tips, techniques, and other important things needed. All of these things must be applied in order to make starting a new business a successful one.

It is still good to start a new business regardless of the economic situation and recession nowadays. These two will not be a hindrance to your plan of starting a new business as long as you have an excellent business idea, good business plan, the capital needed to it, and the strong determination in making it happen. Starting a new business is a good idea for this can be the way for you to achieve beneficial profits.

Even though there are many things to be accomplished before you attain your goal, it is still worth it because what this business can give you is a good reward. Having an excellent business plan is the first step to be considered on how to start a new business. The business plan will be your guide of putting up your new business where it includes all the step by step procedures in starting a business. Aside from the business plan you must also get some effective tips on starting a new business. Here are the tips on how to launch a new business.

First is to determine what kind of business you are going to launch. During decision making, you must think what are your passion, interests, and capabilities. You must choose the business that you think you are really capable with and will suites your interest. If you run a business without knowing and liking it, it will probably lead to unpleasant result. This is really the important matter on how to start a new business.

What you do prefer, an online or offline business? With the invention of the Internet nowadays, it can be a great choice aside from running other businesses. In order for you to choose which of the two, you can make a list of the pros and cons of these two options. Some says that it is great to launch an online business because it does not require so many expenses. It will enable you also to tap the worldwide market.

After deciding on what kind of new business you are going to launch, you must make a research. Research about the business you have chosen, read and study all the information included in it. You can also attend some seminars and training programs related to your new business or you can also link with industry leaders to get helpful tips and techniques. It is better to obtain more information.

Another technique on how to start a new business is to check on the competition before you go for this kind of new business. You must put up a business where you will not have more competitors. Study the present supply and demand in your target slot. If the demand is greater compared to supply, this will tell you that you’re on the exact path for you have obtained great opportunities of generating a sale.

One of the vital parts of starting a new business is to get permits and licenses. The permits and licenses that you will get will depend on the kind of business you have. You must prioritize this one in order for you to have a legal business.

Starting a new business is the first step of getting into rewarding income. That’s why it is important to start your new business using these tips for this can be great guide in making it happen.

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Typhoon Pepeng

Typhoon Pepeng (International name: Parma) is the 16th typhoon to enter the Philippines after typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana). Typhoon Pepeng was reported to hit again Metro Manila area if it will not change direction. According to PAGASA, typhoon Pepeng was seen 1,600 kilometers east southeast of Surigao City, and was anticipated to enter the Philippines' area of responsibility this afternoon or tomorrow.
PAGASA detailed that this typhoon might stay in the country for 4-6 days. The said tropical depression has an intensity of 65 kilometers per hour and was currently moving to a West Northwest direction that could possibly hit Eastern Luzon, as well as the province of Aurora.

If the typhoon moves a little bit lower, it might affect the Quezon Province or Isabela. Metro Manila and nearby Areas might get affected, and some areas that were previously hit by the Typhoon Ondoy.

Typhoon Ondoy aftermath

Typhoon Ondoy aftermath

Typhoon Ondoy's aftermath is really devastating. Until now, survivors of typhoon Ondoy don't have a sure way yet of how to start all over again. So many lives and millions of properties were damaged, that most of them ended with nothing except their clothes on. Problems especially on health continued to persist as medicines and source of clean water was out of hand for some affected barangays.

Typhoon Ondoy's aftermath made us realized that regardless of our economic statuses in life, everyone get his own share of Mother Nature's wrath. But despite this tragedy, it was worth mentioning that the spirit of "Bayanihan" (cooperation) among us Filipinos, rich and poor, can be felt from the heart. Thanks a lot to all those people who in any way extended their help to those who are greatly affected.

Cancun Real Estate Investment Opportunity

Cancun has some of the world's most scenic white sand beaches with crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea . This made Cancun, the top tourist destination in Mexico. Coupled to this, friendly Latin people and the vibrant culture of Mexico attract more and more tourists to its shores. No wonder that there is an excellent opportunity for investing in Cancun Real Estate.

Real estate industry is experiencing a boom in residential sector and it is estimated that it will continue for at least next 5 years. Many new developments with excellent facilities and attractive offerings are coming up fast in Cancun and its surrounding areas.

Cancun has many other factors going for it. It is also rapidly reinventing itself as the major centre of business in the region with newer and bigger shopping, services, businesses and distribution centers coming up quickly. Since the economic growth of Cancun is attracting more investment and business is growing every passing year to the area, Mexicans and visitors keep returning to Cancun and many of preferring to buy to second home.

This has made Cancun one of the most preferred residential tourist destination in Latin America, therefore it offers ample opportunity for investing Property in Cancun!
Nowadays, with people opting for high-end luxury residential tourist condominiums and mega developments, the sun is really shining brightly on Cancun real estate market.

There has been never been a better time for those really interested in Cancun real estate investing to cash in on this boom. It's not a big secret that pre-construction luxury condos in Cancun give the best returns. More often then not all the condos get sold even before they are full complete and are available only high prices thereafter.

In addition, according to AMPI (The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals) this year the amount of Americans and European buyers has increased dramatically in the Mexico , which is further indication that this is the best time ever for Cancun real estate investing.

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Used Cars on Auction

Convenient, easy on the budget and a wide range of choices – these are just some of the benefits that you’ll get when checking out used cars on auction. What’s more is that you can absolutely do it in the comfort of your home. There are images that feature each model that is listed. Got concerns? Then ask the seller a question by typing it in and you’ll receive a reply in your email.

Used cars on auction are absolutely practical choices if you are considering on buying a car. You can simply check out the specifications of the model of your choice. For instance, you are planning to buy a Ford Mondeo Verona, browse through the listings and chances are, you will find more than one of this kind. You can view the model online as well as its features accompanied by clear, detailed images.

There is no room for doubt when considering on buying used cars on auction. Another reason is because you can view the seller’s reputation online. Read on the comments and figure out for yourself if you are getting a great deal and if you are transacting with a trustworthy seller.

The best part in checking out used cars on auction is; you can confidently join in auctions by placing your bid. You are free to check it from time to time to see if other bidders had outbid you.

There are value-added features in some models that are listed; like a complete service history, reservations and detailed description of its accessories. It is a practical way to own a car. You can be guaranteed of the car’s quality and over-all condition.

Used cars on auction provide potential buyers to participate in the auction and to name their price. The best part is that most used cars on auction start at an unbelievably low price. You get the best deal in town and a risk-free transaction.

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Weil's Bank

Weil's Bank

To bet is to accept risks, and there are individuals who are more than willing to risk everything they have in order to reach a prize; it could be money or just the satisfaction of doing something but more often than not there is a lot of adrenaline involved. And such a person was Joseph Weil, one of the greatest fraudsters in the known history of mankind, who never paid for his crimes nor touched the "long arm" of the law: he lived almost a hundred years happily and thinking all the time in what he did best, which was to deceive people and rip them off their riches.

In 1910, Mr. Weil pulled off one of his greatest feats in Muncie, Indiana, USA: he started by renting a commercial office that had been used by a bank until a few months earlier. He furnished it with office equipment, furniture, forms, carpets, curtains and all the things that one would expect to find in a bank at the turn of the century. People walking by could see how a bank was reopening there, and that was good for business, or so they thought.

One day the bank apparently opened its doors, some people could be seen inside going around, clerks were seen working, guards were seen guarding, but nobody from the street was allowed in, with the exception of a wealthy man who came in a carriage.

The businessman went in and asked to talk with the bank manager; he was directed into a waiting room and there he waited for almost an hour. Then, Mr. Weil, the bank manager, received him and they began talking about a substantial and tempting business proposition. The businessman left a while afterwards, having decided to invest fifty thousand dollars.

But no matter what image you have of yourself, we advise you to check things later, but sooner than laziness or trust would allow, for you will see what does the nature of your business partners delivers as a final product. The morning after the man invested the money in the bank at Muncie, its offices closed down forever. There were no more guards to be seen, nor clerks, nor people who looked like customer, and of course, nobody could find Mr. Weil again.

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Car Alarms

All new cars on the market have car alarms built in to the car to act as a deterrent against theft. But because thieves expect a car to have an alarm it might not be as big as a deterrent as you might think. Although there are a lot of amateur thieves that would not be able to steal a car without the alarm going off, so maybe car alarms might be worth having after all. What the alarm is supposed to do is to alert people nearby so that they may report the theft. How many of us actually respond to a car alarm? This can be compared to a house alarm where they are largely ignored. When alarms came on the market first they would have been very effective but like everything as they have gotten more common they are becoming less effective.

Maybe they would be more effective if we had fewer false alarms so that when people actually heard an alarm they knew that something had to be done. However the reality is if you are going about your daily life and you hear a house alarm or a car alarm there is a very high probability that it is a false alarm. We have to ask why this is this especially in an age where technology is such advanced. Why can we not make an alarm system that is more robust and yet effective against intrusion? Is it a cost factor or can it be done? Imagine if you lived in a world that if you heard an alarm going off it was very likely that there was a crime being committed. People would react in a different way; they would be far more reactive to a situation where an alarm is going off, whereas now alarms are generally ignored. In a lot of cases where a thief breaks in to a house or a car and the alarm goes off the thief would often completely ignore the alarm because they know that nobody is likely to call the authorities. Did you ever find peoples first reaction when they hear an alarm is one of annoyance rather than of helping nature? I know that no matter what there will always be a section of society that would never react to any alarm however if the functionality of alarms could be improved to make them more accurate, I believe one would get a better reaction.

Car alarms are getting more sophisticated as technology advances but are they more effective? Do you know of any car that is unbreakable? Because car alarms are now built in to a car at design stage it should be able to do more than just sound an alarm. If it was the case that the engine shut down if the alarm went off imagine how effective this could be. At a minimum these days alarm systems are an integral part of any car design and are often integrated with the cars computer system and maybe even the ignition system. This being the case it is a wonder that car alarms are not more effective?

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Best Online Businesses

Could your best business opening be waiting for you online? Millions of people have used the internet to build business opportunities that allow them do what they care for while working flexible hours and being their own boss. But which online business is right for you?

Check out these best online business opportunities and see which one floats your boat. For scores of people, the most superb online business break has been to put pen to paper or rather, finger to keyboard. Writing online has been a impressive way for loads of people to generate money.

There are numerous habits to utilize your writing talent online. Some companies need writers to churn out SEO based articles for them, so they can generate traffic and customers to their own personal websites and away from their opponents. Some online writers carry out talks and create content just as they would for an offline version. Other writers have taken things into their own hands and have commenced blogging or created their own personal websites based around a particular subject. They then have used affiliate program to create a steady income.

If you have a way with words, then your best online business chance might be using your ability to make web based content. Another good online business chance that seems to be gaining in popularity is using the online auction sites or free advertising sites.

Look around your house chances are, you have a lot of stuff piled up that you think you could possibly sell, but who has time for a yard sale or spending all day at a flea market? Well, you can turn to the internet and employ an online auction website to turn your old junk into cash with a few clicks of the mouse. Don’t make the mistake of thinking no one wants to buy any of your old stuff. Everyone has something they can sell and you might be surprised at how much some people are prepared to shell out for the stuff you thought was junk. Many people who use internet auction sites to clear out their garages end up becoming addicted to the route and turn their internet based yard sale into an ongoing online business opportunity. You don’t have to limit your business to your own stuff.

Canvas your neighbors or even better, market in your local home area and offer tender to sell items people want to get rid of for a commission on the sale. You’d be surprised how many people are willing to pay you to complete this easy route for them just so they don’t have to.

One universal online business that is certainly NOT in the running for best online business chance is the internet based pyramid schemes Many companies many veiled as diet companies and travel trek companies talk you into becoming a sales person for their product and say they will set you up with a website but all you actually end up doing is trying to get other people to pay to join the plan like you did. Stay away.This gives you just a little information of some of the ways you can and should try earning money online. Here is to your success.

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Spain's First Family with the Obamas - Spanish Prime Minister's daughters - Spanish Prime Minister family photo

Spain's First Family with the Obamas photo was captured and posted on the State Department's Flickr page . The Spanish Prime Minister's daughters 13-year-old Alba and 16-year-old Laura were seen here dressed in goth fashion.

The Spanish Prime Minister's daughters' faces I had blurred here to protect their privacy. The girls have never had photographs of themselves published previously in print or online due to a Spanish law prohibiting the media from doing so. This Spanish Prime Minister family photo was quickly removed from Flickr at the request of the Spanish government.

Although the original picture of Spanish Prime Minister's daughters with the Obamas had already been removed from Flickr, it still remains online.

Spain's First Family with the Obamas - Spanish Prime Minister's daughters - Spanish Prime Minister family photo
I think there's nothing wrong with the girls' sense of fashion. Although they are daughters of dignitaries and should be as what dignitaries should be, they are also like other teen girls with unusual fashion taste. Also, the goth fashion suits the girls well, since they got extra flesh on. The black color really hides them all. As long as they behave well, leave them that way because they will definitely get tired of this fashion as they grow to womanhood.

Derrion Albert beating video

Here's the Derrion Albert beating video as captured on a cellphone. Derrion Albert, a Chicago honor roll student was on his way home from school when he found himself in the middle of a street fight near the Agape Community Center. This video release is meant to help the Chicago police identify those who were allegedly involved in Derrion Albert's death.

Warning: Due to graphic violence, this video should not be viewed by anyone under 18.

I guess there was not any one particular person whose to blame for what had happened to Derrion Albert because in the first place, he had let himself be involved in the fight. Starting from 00:45, Derrion went straight into the middle of the fight and hit someone. It's just too bad that his release of a single fist hit, earned him so much retaliation that he wasn't able to recover from it. Unexpectedly, I think he had miscalculated all possibilities of a tragic ending.

But still, damage has been done and nothing can reverse what had happened. So those who were directly involved in Derrion Albert's death must face the consequences of their impulsive actions.

Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana)

Typhoon Ondoy

Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) was the 15th tropical storm to hit the country this year. As of today, typhoon Ondoy is moving out of the Philippine area of responsibility towards the South China Sea. Below are videos of the rage of typhoon Ondoy:

A lot of concerned citizens are extending their help to those who are still in dire need. Even Hollywood stars like Demi Moore and Josh Groban had tweeted calling on to their fellow Americans to help the victims of typhoon Ondoy.

The Philippine government have been bombarded with so much complaints and criticisms from angry citizens who are greatly affected by the flash floods saying the government agencies were not well prepared and had been very slow in their rescue operations.
The weather bureau said Ketsana brought the heaviest rainfall in the country in 40 years. About 410 mm of rain fell in 24 hours on Saturday, twice the amount that drenched the United States during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
But in the midst of tragic calamities, Filipinos have their own ways of coping with it. Considered as happy people, Filipinos find ways to console themselves even during the hardest times.

Party In The USA Music Video

After that controversial Miley Cyrus pole dancing, finally, here's Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" Music Video.

Diabolical | Diabolical definition


Diabolical. Why is diabolical definition on the trends?

Diabolical means of, relating to, or characteristic of the devil. Something that is devilish.

Meanwhile, some thrash metal music fans are watching out for the official release of the debut album of the band Blasphemous Creation entitled "Diabolical Kingdom", on Apocrypha Records.
Image credit:fullyillustrated.com

Sweepstakes | Lottery

Sweepstakes or lottery? What is the difference between the two?

A lottery can be government or privately sponsored. A person buys tickets for a chance to win a prize, usually cash. Sometimes the prize may be for something else; i.e., a home or a vacation package. The prize might be given to one winner or spread through several, depending on the style of the lottery. The variety of tickets and the picking of the winner is unlimited. Some countries have provincial or state lotteries, or even a federal agency that sponsors a country-wide lottery. You might choose a set of numbers in a randomly selected draw, or ‘instant-win’ style tickets, where you match up a certain number of prize symbols or denominations to claim a prize.

A sweepstakes is considered a contest in which a prize goes to one winner, though there may also be supplemental second and third place prizes. It can be cash, a trip or an item. Sweepstakes are often used by private foundations to raise money for their works, or by companies for gathering information, promoting new products or increasing awareness. The cost you pay is only for buying the product. Buying promotional items in any sweepstakes does not increase your chance of winning. No purchase of a sweepstakes ticket is allowed or required, and often a ‘one entry per person’ rule is in place.

Lottery or lotteries drive people unreasonable sometimes. Why? Because even the last money they have, they would bet it in, in the hope that their lottery ticket will win, multiplying the amount they have initially invested.

In the Philippines, there is one principal government agency that facilitates the raising of funds to provide for health programs, medical assistance and services, and charities of national character - the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

The PCSO holds and conducts charity sweepstakes, races, and lotteries and engages in health and welfare-related investments, projects, and activities to provide for permanent and continuing sources of funds for its programs.

The main products of the PCSO are the sweepstakes and the lottery games. The Sweepstakes game has steadily been evolving through the years to be able to conform with the changing times, to keep the game interesting to all Sweepstakes enthusiasts and to hopefully attract more clients, and to maintain a variety of Sweepstakes products readily available in the market.

The PCSO holds three 6-pick number games, the Lotto 6/42, MegaLotto 6/45 and the SuperLotto 6/49. All of these number games can be played using the system play (systems 7 to 12), 5 Roll, and Lucky Pick. The Lotto 6/42 is drawn on Tuesdays and Saturdays and has a minimum jackpot prize of P3,000,000.00. The MegaLotto 6/45 is drawn on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with a minimum jackpot prize of P4,500,000.00. Lastly, the SuperLotto 6/49, which has a minimum jackpot prize of P16,000,000.00, is drawn on Thursdays and Sundays. and Sundays.

The agency also conducts the 6-digit (6D), 4-digit (4D), Suertres Lotto and the EZ2 Lotto games. The 6D game is played only in Luzon. Draw days for this game are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays with a minimum guaranteed amount (MGA) of P150,000.00 per ten-peso play. The 4D game is played in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao on the same days as that of the MegaLotto 6/45, which are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The minimum guaranteed amount for this game is set at P10,000.00 per ten-peso play. The Suertres Lotto Mid-Day Draw game is only played in Visayas and Mindanao while the Suertres Lotto Evening Edition is played in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The Suertres Lotto games are drawn everyday with a first prize of P4,500.00 per ten peso play. While, the EZ2 game is also drawn everyday in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao with P4,000.00 as first prize per ten peso play.

In adherence to its main thrust of providing funds for health programs and other charities, the PCSO is engaged in various social welfare and development programs. The main programs of the agency are as follows: endowment fund/quality health care program, individual medical assistance program, community outreach program, ambulance donation program, national calamity and disaster program, and hospital renovation and improvement of health care facilities. Also, the agency makes mandatory contributions to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Comprehensive and Integrated Shelter and Urban Development Financing Program (CISUDFP), Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP), Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), Philippine Centennial Commission (PCC), Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), and the Quirino Memorial Medical Center (QMMC) as well as regular quarterly and monthly contributions to charitable institutions engaged in giving welfare services to the children and youth who are either abandoned or exploited, the elderly, and the physically and mentally handicapped, among others.

I wonder if PCSO had also contributed to help the flood victims of Brgy. Botolan in Zambales. More than a month had passed and the evacuees are still living on evacuation tents lacking so much of food, clothing, and medicine. Most children are becoming sick due to their unpleasant conditions. These people are still needing much help from the government.

Pedantic | Pedantic Definition


Pedantic means of, relating to, or being a pedant. Pedant is defined as one who makes a show of knowledge, or one who is unimaginative or who unduly emphasizes minutiae in the presentation or use of knowledge.

Another pedantic definition: narrowly, stodgily, and often ostentatiously learned

As used in the sentence:
  1. Professor Sam's lectures were so pedantic that his students sometimes had a hard time understanding the big picture.
  2. The guests were being unnecessarily pedantic by insisting that the husband, and not his wife, should have made the announcement.

Halloween costumes for couples | Top 2009 Halloween Costumes for Couples


Looking for Halloween costumes for couples? Well, here are the Top 2009 Halloween costumes for couples:


My best choice would be BATGIRL AND BATMAN COSTUMES.
Log on to extremehalloween.com to see costume pictures and prices.

Emmy Winners 2009 List

Here's the overall Emmy Winners 2009 List:

Best Series, Drama
Mad Men

Best Series, Comedy
30 Rock

Best Actor, Drama
Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad

Best Actress, Drama
Glenn Close, Damages

Best Supporting Actor, Drama Series
Michael Emerson, Lost

Best Supporting Actress, Drama Series
Cherry Jones, 24

Best Actor, Comedy
Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock

Best Actress, Comedy
Toni Collette, United States Of Tara

Best Supporting Actor, Comedy Series
Jon Cryer, Two And A Half Men

Best Supporting Actress, Comedy Series
Kristin Chenoweth, Pushing Daisies

Best Reality-Competition Program
The Amazing Race

Best Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program
Jeff Probst, Survivor

Best Variety, Music or Comedy Series
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

Aquino-Roxas tandem

<Aquino-Roxas tandem

We already knew who would definitely run for the presidency next year. Among the presidential candidates for 2010 are: Sec. Gilberto Teodoro, Sen. Manny Villar, former Pres. Joseph Estrada, and Sen. Noynoy Aquino.

So, we have the presidentiables, but what about the Vice-Presidentiables? Possible tandems are still under negotiations. The Aquino-Roxas tandem which has been the talk of the town lately is expected to be revealed today September 21 at 10Am at the Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan City. Sen. Mar Roxas will formally announce his acceptance to be the vice-presidential candidate for the Liberal Party.

For me, I'm still looking into as who would be my best president for 2010. Campaign period has not yet officially started so I don't have any idea as regards their political platforms or stand especially towards issues which concern our country's foreign debts.


It's official, Roxas had formally declared his teaming up with Aquino in the 2010 presidential elections. Let's see what would be the political platforms of the Aquino-Roxas tandem.

Mayweather vs Marquez result

Yesterday was the Mayweather vs Marquez fight at Las Vegas, and it turned out that Juan Manuel Marquez's unusual training regimen did nothing against Floyd Mayweather's elbow defense.

Still, kudos to Marquez, for until the very end he was able to stand despite some solid punches and a knockdown he had received from Mayweather in the second round. He was able to prove that he can't be easily defeated. He's a tough fighter, indeed. I think if both of them were of the same height and weight, Marquez would have won the fight.

After the announcement of the winner, the announcer asked Mayweather if his next fight would be against Manny Pacquiao. I did not get clearly his answer because there was Mosley there interrupting and I think they were arguing as to who between them (Mayweather and Mosley) would end up fighting Pacquiao next year. But for me, I want Pacquiao vs Mayweather. Let's see if Mayweather's elbow shield match that of Manny's killer punches.

Overall, the Mayweather-Marquez fight was so boring so I hope Pacquiao-Mayweather fight next year will be pushed so we can see a real bloody boxing fight.

Pacquiao vs Mayweather Jr.

Pacquiao vs Mayweather Jr. - That would probably be Manny Pacquiao's next fight in March 2010 if he wins in the Pacquiao vs Cotto fight this coming November 14.

Pacquiao vs Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather, Jr is just one among the four boxers (including Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, Shane Mosley and Edwin Valero) being tipped as Pacquiao's next opponent. But this coming fight of Pacquiao against Cotto will be the toughest fight of his life, according to Coach Freddie Roach. Some commented that Cotto has a lot more work to do on his weight to reach the 145 lb catchweight limit. If this is the case, then Pacquiao has the highest probability of winning.

I want Manny Pacquiao to knock-out Cotto because I am looking forward to his fight with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Let's see who's the best and number one pound for pound fighter in the bloody world of boxing. I want to see how Mayweather Jr. accept his will be first ever defeat. Let's see if "Pretty Boy" Mayweather Jr. will end up as Pacquiao's punching bag just like "The Golden Boy" Dela Hoya.

But before that, Mayweather had to defeat Juan Manuel Marquez first this September 19 in their Las Vegas fight dubbed "Number One/Numero Uno". Will Marquez' unusual training regimen (i.e., drinking his own urine) be as effective as before?

Pacquiao vs Cotto update

Pacquiao vs Cotto

Two months more to go before the Pacquiao vs Cotto fight at Las Vegas. It's getting exciting because after their promotional tour, both boxing champs are on their way for extensive training. Both are taking each other's strength and ability seriously. Recently, there was a report that Cotto is approximately at 160 pounds weight while Pacquiao is at 150. Cotto has a lot more of work to do to lose that excess weight in two months to make it to the 145 pounds catchweight limit. Will Cotto make it without ending like Dela Hoya?

In a presscon, Cotto said, "I am not Dela Hoya. I am not Hatton. I am Miguel Cotto and you know what Miguel Cotto can do." Well, let's see if he can live up to that confident remark.

Presidential Candidates 2010 Update

national defensePresidential candidates 2010 update:

Since incumbent Vice-President Noli De Castro haven't decided until the set date whether to run for presidency or not, the administration's party had opted to choose between MMDA Chair Bayani Fernando and National Defense Sec. Gilberto Teodoro, Jr.. On Wednesday, after the conducted secret balloting among the members of the Lakas-Kampi-CMD Party, Sec. Teodoro won and eventually became the party's standard bearer. His possible running mate would be DILG Secretary Ronaldo Puno.

Personally, I won't be giving my vote to Sec. Teodoro because:
  1. He doesn't have a say about the country's foreign debt;
  2. He said he will continue the programs of the present administration which I think had not done any good to alleviate the economic status of the poor;
  3. He is pushing for an untimely charter change; and most of all
  4. He's a pro-war politician when he said he supports "War on Terrorism". (Who are these terrorists, anyway?)

admonish | rebuke

Trends is high for admonish and rebuke definition. The search for the definition of those words is in relation to Rep. Joe Wilson's "You lie!" outburst. Well here's rebuke and admonish definitions as given by Merriam-Webster's 11th Collegiate Dictionary:
  • admonish - to express warning or disapproval to especially in a gentle, earnest, or solicitous manner
  • rebuke (transitive verb) - to criticize sharply : REPRIMAND
Both rebuke and admonish words are synonymous with the word REPROVE.

Obama calls Kanye a jackass video

Obama calls Kanye a jackass

Everyone's looking for Obama calls Kanye a jackass video. There are some who posted Obama calls Kanye a jackass audio, but that was unofficial and unconfirmed, too. I think there's really no official video nor an audio of that conversation because Obama said that "jackass" remark during a pre-interview chatter which means it's off-the-record. In fact, after that remark, Obama asked those who were present that the remark be kept private. I think that request calls for professional etiquette. I just wondered why some still tweet about Obama's remark despite the appeal.

In my own point of view, when the President said those remark, it was not meant to destroy the being of West (it was already destroyed). It was said in a manner a common concerned citizen would react. The president is a president but he is also a human. It's quite normal to react that way. That is why, when the president realized he might have gone too far, he had appealed to keep the remark private. I think some of those who were assembled did not understand and have that common sense.

Well, there might be some journalists who would disagree that the remark would go off the record because you see, this is where they get their living. A scoop, isn't it? So, "No story, no money!"

But what Kanye did to Swift really made him a jackass.

Michael Jackson "This Is It" Full Trailer (HQ)

Watch Michael Jackson's "This Is It" Full Trailer (HQ) video.

The teaser trailer was so fascinating. How much more would it had been if it was performed by Michael live. But I think the fans have had enough of the sadness brought by Michael's sudden death. "This Is It" is a must to watch because for the last time, we will be able to witness the legendary King of Pop backstage.

The ticket for Michael Jackson's "This Is It" will be released on sale on September 27, and the short two-week theatrical run will commence October 28.

I'll be watching out for its DVD release.

Le Cirque | The President and Her Entourage's Dinner at Le Cirque

Le Cirque

Le Cirque is a French restaurant located in Manhattan, New York. In the words of its owner Sirio Maccioni who has wined and dined high society in New York for nearly half a century, "Le Cirque has always been a place where the worlds of food, fashion, art and culture converge." Maybe this was why the Philippines' President and her entourage did not pass the opportunity to experience these convergences.

The President and her entourage's dinner at Le Cirque was so controversial that in fact, received so much criticism from different concerned sectors of the country. Let us take a look at what the Presidential entourage's dinner at Le Cirque look like. I will not state the price of each order here. Anyway, we already knew that each dish costs thousands of pesos and that it was declared too expensive for a dinner.

This is made up of fish eggs.
This one also, fish eggs.
A combination of vegetables.
This one has lobster.
This is a crab tempura.
This one is a thousand peso soup.
This one includes "kuhol".
This one is made up of duck or goose liver.
This is a piece of fish.
Still fish.
Obviously, looks like a fish.
And this one is a lamb loin.
Of course, champagne.
So what do you think? If you're to eat those, is the price worth the satisfaction you'll get? I guess, I'll be full if I'll have to eat each of the dishes. But the price is still too expensive for a single serve.