Some presidential candidates for 2010 are still undecided whether to continue to run or not in the presidential race after Senator Ninoy Aquino officially declared that he will run for presidency in the 2010 elections. Gov. Ed Panlilio had decided to back-out, while former Pres. Joseph Estrada said he will continue to file his candidacy.

Aquino's running mate was yet to be decided. Sen. Mar Roxas who voluntarily sacrificed his dream to give way to Sen. Aquino said that he's not closing doors for a possibility to run as Aquino's Vice-President.

partido lakas
From the administration's side, the Partido Lakas was eyeing Vice-Pres. Noli de Castro to be the party's standard bearer but since De Castro until now is still undecided, the choice will be between National Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro and MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando.

From the Nationalist People's Coalition (NPC), a possible Escudero-Legarda or Legarda-Escudero tandem is being put into consideration.

election 2010
But the decision as to whoever from among these presidential candidates for 2010 is worthy, whatever their campaign strategies may be, lies within the discretion of the voters. In today's present situation, driven by their desire to have a better future through total reforms, the people had become very much vigilant as to who among these men had the capacity to rule the country, lifting up the economic lives of the Filipino people. Because at the end of the day, whatever the results will be of the 2010 elections, it's the people that's mostly affected.

For me, my president would be the one who has the most clear stand about our country's foreign debt. The one who has a rigid strategy on what to do with the illegitimate debts that has been the cause of the miseries of "Juan dela Cruz".