Pacquiao vs Mayweather Jr. - That would probably be Manny Pacquiao's next fight in March 2010 if he wins in the Pacquiao vs Cotto fight this coming November 14.

Pacquiao vs Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather, Jr is just one among the four boxers (including Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, Shane Mosley and Edwin Valero) being tipped as Pacquiao's next opponent. But this coming fight of Pacquiao against Cotto will be the toughest fight of his life, according to Coach Freddie Roach. Some commented that Cotto has a lot more work to do on his weight to reach the 145 lb catchweight limit. If this is the case, then Pacquiao has the highest probability of winning.

I want Manny Pacquiao to knock-out Cotto because I am looking forward to his fight with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Let's see who's the best and number one pound for pound fighter in the bloody world of boxing. I want to see how Mayweather Jr. accept his will be first ever defeat. Let's see if "Pretty Boy" Mayweather Jr. will end up as Pacquiao's punching bag just like "The Golden Boy" Dela Hoya.

But before that, Mayweather had to defeat Juan Manuel Marquez first this September 19 in their Las Vegas fight dubbed "Number One/Numero Uno". Will Marquez' unusual training regimen (i.e., drinking his own urine) be as effective as before?