7 Year Old Single Ladies. It's not only Greyson Michael Chance's Paparazzi that has become viral this week. Another performance video stirred so much controversy in the media. But unlike Greyson's video which earned him a massive popularity, this video of a group of girls called the 7 Year Old Single Ladies received quite the opposite.

The 7-year-old Single Ladies video was shot at last month’s World of Dance Competition, which features a troupe of elementary age girls dancing to the tune of Beyonce's hit "Single Ladies". There's nothing wrong with dancing Beyonce's Single Ladies, actually. But it would certainly be inappropriate and quite disturbing if the dance is performed by elementary girls while wearing burlesque-style outfits. See the picture below.
7 Year Old Single LadiesWell, there's a question, "Is America being over-sexed?" What do you think?

Here's a video clip of the performance of the 7 Year Old Single Ladies: