The Steve Phillips ESPN scandal is still circulating in the web ever since Phillips ex-girlfriend started harassing his family by sending a letter to his wife. With that, curious people's searched for Steve Phillips' girlfriend picture had not cooled down. Curiosity drives people to look for faces who are or have been involved particularly with sexual scandals. Below is a sweet image of a young Brooke Hundley, Steve Phillips' ex-girlfriend.

Brooke Hundley - Steve Phillips girlfriend picture
After the affair was revealed to the public, reports said that Steve Phillips in a statement filed for a leave of absence from work to fix things up. Here's what Phillips had to say:
"I am deeply sorry that I have put my family and colleagues through this. It is a personal matter that I will not comment on further. I have, however, asked for a leave of absence to address this with my family and to avoid any unnecessary distractions through the balance of the baseball playoffs."