Here are Brooke Hundley pictures. Brooke Hundley, the 22-year-old ESPN production assistant who was reportedly having an affair with Steve Phillips, the ESPN analyst and former New York Mets General Manager. The scandalous sexual affair was confirmed when Brooke Hundley sent Phillips' wife Marni Phillips a letter describing their relationship, including a birthmark Phillips has on his crotch, after Phillips ended their relationship.

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Brooke Hundley picturesBrooke Hundley pictures
Brooke Hundley pictures
Below is Steve Phillips and Brooke Hundley picture:

Steve Phillips and Brooke Hundley pictures

This is what eventually happens when extra-marital affairs end. Once it's screwed, it's screwed and persons involved have to face the consequences, be it the shame. Brooke Hundley might have gotten very mad about the break-up so she took revenge and decided to spill it out to Phillip's wife. Or maybe, she couldn't get through with the relationship, that's why she's trying to win him back.