9/9/09 - that is the date today. But what is so special this September 9, 2009?

Technically, there is nothing special about this symmetrical date, but for the numerologists, it could mean anything and it means different to different nations. It could be a lucky day or a doom's day?

But whatever it is for them, for us Filipinos it is a historical one. Because 9/9/09 is the scheduled date wherein Senator Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III would formally announce at the Club Filipino in Greenhills whether he would accept the challenge of the people to run for a president in the 2010 national elections. We'll see what would be his decision.

For me personally, it's a special one because today 9/9/09 is the first year birthday of my nephew (my cousin's son) and this is my first time to do a baby's first haircut. It is a common belief that the baby could inherit the "brains" of the one who cut his/her hair on the first birthday celebration. I wonder how true would it be and I'm not sure either if I have that brains. But I can't say no to my cousin so maybe I'll just go with the flow. Anyways, there's nothing to lose. If my life permits, I'll definitely watch this boy as he grows up and enter school.

Senator Noynoy Aquino has officially declared his running for president in the 2010 elections. Let's hope that under his leadership, the country will be totally united for reform. I hope also he'll be able to live up to the expectations of the Filipino people for a better future.