Here's the latest craze on Justin Bieber's haricut style for 2011. Justin Bieber got a new haircut style which Bieber himself unveiled on TMZ Live on Monday afternoon, providing during and after images that may make teenager girls cry.

Check out this Justin Bieber's haricut style for 2011.

When asked about the new hairstyle, this is what Justin Bieber had to say:
"I just wanted a kind of a change, I didn't want to cut it all off, but I had had it for 3 1/2 years, I had just gotten sick of it, it was in my eyes, I didn't want it in my face, I just wanted to change it up."
Well, boys certainly grow up fast and change are part of it. He looks a little mature in his new haircut.

Here's an update about the Justin Bieber Haircut Style 2011 from TMZ:
The hair that was cut from Justin's head has been collected and will be doled out to a few organizations for charity. TMZ is getting a lock and we're going to use it to raise money for some animal charities.