dentist's drill | dental drill | Dentist's Drill Terror: A Thing in the Past

Yes, it's possible. The so-called dentist's drill terror could be a thing in the past as new gadgets are coming out to help patients get over with their fear of the dentist's drill whirring sound. AP reported that researchers at King's College London had come up with device which not only filters out the sound but allows people to listen to their own music, too.
The gadget contains a microphone and a chip which analyses the incoming sound wave and then produces an inverted wave to cancel out the unwanted noise. Patients hook up their MP3 player to the device, then plug their headphones into the gadget. They can still hear the dentist talking to them, as the device locks on to the sound waves, removing them even if the pitch changes as it bores into teeth.
That's a very good news for people like me who always have second thoughts in going to the dentist. I just hope that there would be investors who would finance for the development of this product. It would be of great benefit for those who are concerned about their oral health.