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Colin Farrell Discusses on Ellen His Son's Condition of Angelman Syndrome

Actor Colin Farrell guessed on Ellen Show for Friday's episode and he had the chance to talk about fundraising and spreading awareness about Angelman Syndrome. Farrel discusses on Ellen his beloved son's condition of Angelman Syndrome. His son James, turning eight this year, was born with the Angelman Syndrome form of Cerebral Palsy. He struggles with severe developmental disabilities and difficulty with speech and motor functions, and also suffers from seizures.
Angelman syndrome is mostly known for the major symptoms that occur during the condition. It is often associated with the jerky movements and irregular attitude and behavior of the patient. The condition can have various neurological issues and children that are affected with the condition can have a serious delay in development.

June 20 Philippine Holiday for Jose Rizal's 150th birthday

June 20 Philippine holiday for Jose Rizal's 150th birthday. Malacañang has declared June 20, 2011 as a special non-working holiday to commemorate the 150th birthday of Dr. Jose P. Rizal, our Philippine national hero. According to Proclamation No. 154, the holiday was declared "to give all Filipinos the opportunity to commemorate Rizal's patriotic deeds and sacrifices for the country, rekindle their admiration and respect for him, and to celebrate this milestone with appropriate ceremonies."

Actually, Rizal's birthday which is June 19, falls on a Sunday this year but the National Historical Commission of the Philippines requested the holiday to be moved to June 20, Monday.

So plan well now your trip. Where would you want to go for that long vacation?

Watch Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley 2011 Fight Live Coverage

Here comes the Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley 2011 Fight Live Coverage. So it's gonna happen very soon. The fight that Shane Mosley is craving so much. It has been reported before that Mayweather Jr. and Mosley are in verbal argument as to who among them would be fighting Pacquiao. Since Mayweather is doing everything to avoid this very much anticipated fight with the number one pound for pound king, Mosley will take the challenge. Again, the world will stand still on May 7 to witness how The Pacman would do Sugar Shane Mosley.
According to boxing sports analysts, Pacman will have an easy time beating Mosley. Mosley was knocked out by Miguel Cotto in 2007 who in turn was defeated by Pacquiao. Now Mosley will fight Pacquiao who is obviously a better fighter and compared to him, much younger. But even if we already know who has an upper hand in this fight, the match will still be exciting to watch. How Mosley will manage to counter those left and right punches of Manny Pacquiao is a must-see.

I know of a site that will have the Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley 2011 fight live coverage. The site will be covering the fight and will have a live coverage of the progress of the fight. So, don't forget to check back on this page 'cause I will be giving you the link to the Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley 2011 fight live coverage. 

Glenn Beck leaving Fox News later this year announced

The rumored demise of Glenn Beck's controversial show on Fox News Channel became fact Wednesday as Glenn Beck and Fox network announced it will come to an end later this year. According to the release, Beck won't jump ship entirely. He and Fox will continue to do business together in the form of special programming.

In response to Fox News' announcement, David Brock from Media Matters issued this statement:
Washington, DC -- Media Matters for America founder David Brock released the following statement in response to Fox News and Mercury Radio Arts announcing that Glenn Beck will "transition off his daily program" later this year. "After losing more than 300 advertisers and seeing more than 1,000,000 viewers abandon his show the only surprise is that it took Fox News months to reach this decision," said Brock. "Fox News now has to choose: will it eliminate all violent rhetoric from the network - not just during the 5PM hour? And will the network make a commitment to end its role as a political operation masquerading as a news station?"
Well, I guess no more fake tears for Glenn Beck. Check out the Glenn Beck induced fake tears below:

2011 Unusual Calendar Dates

2011 Unusual Calendar Dates. The year 2011 holds many interesting dates such as January 1, 2011 (01/01/11 or 1.1.11) where the date can be read the same in both date order formats (MM/DD/YY or DD/MM/YY). The year 2011 will have many interesting repeating dates such as January 11, 2011 (1.11.11), November 1, 2011 (11.1.11) and November 11, 2011 (1.11.11).

I'd like to share this very interesting trivia I just received from a friend. It goes something like this:

This year, we're going to experience four unusual dates: 1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, 11/11/11. And that's not all. Take the last 2 digits of the year in which you were born. Now add the age you will be this year, and the result will be 111 for everyone! This is the year of money!!! This year, October will have 5 Sundays, 5 Mondays and 5 Saturdays. This happens only every 823 years. These particular years are known as 'Moneybags'.

And here's more of 2011 unusual dates.
  • 1st January the date will be 1-1-11 (all ones)
  • 11th January the date will be 11-1-11 (all ones)
  • 11th February the date will be 11-02-2011 (2011 in reverse)
  • 9th October the date will be 9-10-11 (ascending order)
  • 1st November the dated will be 1-11-11 (all ones)
  • 11th November the date will be 11-11-11 (unique number)
  • 20th November the date will be 20-11-2011 (year repeat)
  • 22nd November the date will be 22-11-11(date=Month+Year)
  • 13th December the date will be 13-12-11 (descending order)
Exciting isn't it? It's up to you to figure out what could happen on these dates. So, watch out for any special offers in stores on these 2011 unusual dates.

Wiz khalifa Rolling Papers Tracklist Released 2011

Wiz khalifa Rolling Papers Tracklist Released March 2011. This is the third album from R&B rapper Cameron Jibril Thomaz, more commonly known as Wiz Khalifa. The album includes the first single ‘Black and Yellow’ produced by Stargate.
“It’s called ‘Rolling Papers’ like the papers that you roll, the papers that I roll, the papers that we smoke.” Khalifa added, “It’s not just about the weed thing. It’s bigger than that. My career really took off when I started smoking papers.”
Wiz khalifa Rolling Papers Tracklist Released 2011

01. When I’m Gone
02. On My Level Ft. Too $hort
03. Black And Yellow
04. Roll Up
05. Hopes And Dreams
06. Wake Up
07. The Race
08. Star Of The Show Ft. Chevy Woods
09. No Sleep
10. Get Your Shit
11. Top Floor
12. Fly Solo
13. Rooftops Ft. Curren$y
14. Cameras

September 2010 Bar Exam Results - Complete List from Supreme Court

Out of 4,847 examinees, a total of 982 passed the September 2010 Philippine Bar Exams.

September 2010 Philippine Bar Examination
Total Number of Examinees: 4,847
Total Passed: 982
Passing Rate: 20.26%

Here's a list of the September 2010 Top 10 Bar Passers:

1. Caesario Antonio S. Singzon (Ateneo de Manila University) – 89.00%
2. Filemon Ray L. Javier (Ateneo de Manila University) – 86.85%
3. Paolo Carlo C. Tolentino (Arellano University) – 86.80%
4. Janette R. Ancog (Ateneo de Davao University) – 85.90%
5. Johanna Sunga (ADMU) – 85.85%
6. Krizelle Marie F. Poblacion (University of the Philippines) – 85.65%
7. Maria Christina C. Ortua (UP) – 85.05%
    Krystal Lyn T. Uy (UP) – 85.50%
8. Johanna Eileen M. Capones (UP) – 84.80%
9. Wiliam Benson S. Gan (ADMU) – 84.75%
10. Glenn C. Carampatana (University of San Carlos) – 84.55%
      Darren L. Salipsip (Arellano University) – 84.55%

Complete List of 2010 Bar Exam Passers

1. ABAD, Charmee R .
2. ABADA, Merlin I .
3. ABARIENTOS, Ma. Theresa M .
4. ABBAS, JR., Yusoph M .
5. ABELLA, Charmian Maria F .
6. ABELLA, Sheena Marie R .
7. ABIERA-MONTESA, Rosalyn B .
8. ABING, Ramil P .
9. ABONG, Mark Julio U .
10. ABRAGAN, Martin Luke G .
11. ABRAHAM, Sarah Joan M .
12. ABUBACAR, Rayhanah M .
13. ABUGAN, Herbert Calvin P .
14. ABUNDO, Judith Rowena D .
15. ABUZO, Djerovin T .
16. ABUZO, James M .
17. ACACIO, Rea Andria L .
18. ACAYAN, Moises Y .
19. ACEJO, Michael A .
20. ACUÑA, Emmanuel L .
21. ADAOAG, Maria Efelin C .
22. ADRIANO, Jasmine M .
23. ADRIATICO, Maria Clarissa N .
24. ADVINCULA, Margaux A .
25. AFIADO, Manuel Emilio B .
26. AFRICA, Marie Denise G .
27. AGA, Dennis M .
28. AGLIBOT, Ma. Katrina J .
29. AGNO, Regina Domini L .
30. AGUILA, Mary Jasmin P .
31. AGUILERA, Raymond G .
32. AGUINALDO, Ma. Angela Leonor C .
33. AGUSTIN, Paulo Francisco A .
34. AJERO, Chris A .
35. AKUT, Charissa Joy C .
36. ALADO, Patrick Vincent A .
37. ALAMIN, Lorajean A .
38. ALBARICO, Allesandra Fay V .
39. ALBERTO-ESTRELLA, Grace Irish C .
40. ALBURO, Alvin L .
41. ALCALA, Carla Diana P .
42. ALCANTARA, Rina C .
43. ALCOMENDRAS, Andrey A .
44. ALEGRADO, Julius P .
45. ALFARO, Plebiscito T .
46. ALIAS, Margarita R .
47. ALICAYA, Giancarlo T .
48. ALICO, Wendy Josephine L .
49. ALMAZAN, Gladys Joy B .
50. ALMIRANTE, JR., Eduardo Q .
51. ALONZO, Ronalin B .
52. ALVAREZ, Tyrone O .
53. ALVIOR, Marianne Carmel D .
54. ALZONA, Ivin Ronald DM.
55. AMOROSO, Dranyl Jared P .
56. AMURAO, Mark Anthony T .
57. ANCHETA, Glenn Thyron S .
58. ANCOG, Janette R .
59. ANDOY-GAWIDEN, Sol Marie P .
60. ANDRES, Ryan D .
61. ANDRES, JR., Antonio D .
62. ANG, Noel C .
63. ANGGOT, Anabelle A .
64. ANIAG, Bernard Benjamin T .
65. ANTONIO, Chantal Charisse Q .
66. APOLINAR, Jannierose O .
67. APOLINAR, Leanne Maureen S .
68. APOLINARIO, Reiner P .
69. AQUINO, Mark Christian M .
70. AQUINO, Philipe T .
71. ARANAS, Lucky Angelo T .
72. ARANDELA, Melrose R .
73. ARAO, Amador Iñigo L .
74. ARCENO, Arnold P .
75. ARCEÑO, Dee A .
76. ARDET, Arnie T .
77. ARENAS, Mark Ranier C .
78. ARNOCO, Marvey J .
79. ARQUILLO, Ma. Golda G .
80. ASDILLO, Angeline T .
81. ASENIERO, Antonio C .
82. ASILO, Kathrine Ann D .
83. ASIS, Enrico D .
84. ASIS, John Michael V .
85. ASUNCION, Amiel Victor A .
86. AUSTRIA, Katherine M .
87. AUSTRIA, Laurice Marie Angela T .
88. AVENIDO, Gian Marco F .
89. AVILA, Analyn G .
90. AZNAR, Katrina Monserrat F .
91. AZURA, Jules Emmanuel N .
92. AÑONUEVO, Leo Angelo Miguel R .
93. BABATUAN, Lei Maurae E .
94. BABON, Joanne B .
95. BABOR, Sarah Faye Q .
96. BACABAC, Candice V .
97. BACANI, Ramon Miguel E .
98. BACLAYEN, Pilipinas D .
99. BACSAL, Eric Allan E .
100. BADANDO, Artemis Q .
101. BAGAFORO, II-ARELLANO, Agnes Farida S .
102. BAGAMASPAD, Cris Lawrence A .
103. BAGO, Jayfrancis D .
104. BALAG-EY, Paul M .
105. BALAJADIA, Christine B .
106. BALALENG, Emil Rey I .
107. BALANA, Carmie A .
108. BALANAG, Kristine Gay B .
109. BALANSAY, Lorelei S .
110. BALAO, Edward Vincent P .
111. BALBASTRE, Billie Joy A .
112. BALDOZA, Limuel V .
113. BALGUA, JR., Mariano V .
114. BALISI, Reody Anthony M .
115. BALISONG, Analene V .
116. BALITA, Vanessa Juvy O .
117. BALMORES, John Paul M .
118. BALUCANAG, Suzette B .
119. BALUYUT, Cesar M .
120. BANDAL, Jason M .
121. BANDONG, Jayvee Laurence B .
122. BANGAYAN, Carrie Mae C .
123. BANTILAN, Bryan G .
124. BAQUIRAN, Joseph Lemuel B .
125. BARCENA, Johann Carlos S .
126. BARGAMENTO, Hazan F .
127. BARRAMEDA, Paul Isaac A .
128. BARRIENTOS, Marie Aileen L .
129. BATAAN, Aleah Rafel G .
130. BATALLER, Diana Elaine B .
131. BATALLONES, Gino Angelo P .
132. BATAY-AN, Rex D .
133. BAUTISTA, Carlo Antonio A .
134. BAUTISTA, Claribelle S .
135. BAUTISTA, Gilbert B .
136. BAUTISTA, Jose Javier P .
137. BAUTISTA, Melissa Ann M .
138. BAUTISTA, JR., Raymundo B .
139. BAUZA, Brian Ashley M .
140. BAYBAY, Ray-an Francis V .
141. BAÑEZ, Roselyn G .
142. BECEIRA, Rona M .
143. BEDING, Ronald Y .
144. BEJOSA, Theeza Danielle P .
145. BELCIÑA, Celeste B .
146. BELDEROL, Mary Joy P .
147. BELGICA, Marietta M .
148. BENITEZ, Lovelle B .
149. BENTULAN, Mae L .
150. BERAMO, Maria Daniaflor F .
151. BERNABE, Ericia P .
152. BERNARDO, Romina R .
153. BERNARTE, Kristine M .
154. BESOÑA, Rholie C .
155. BEÑAS, Kristine Paul B .
156. BIBANGCO, Jorlett L .
157. BISA, Myzel B .
158. BISNAR, Gerardo Alfredo M .
159. BLAS, Herbert J .
160. BONGCAWIL, Cherrie Mae J .
161. BORAIS, Charlyn D .
162. BORROMEO, Renato P .
163. BOSANTOG, Marlon P .
164. BROFAR, Reinier John G .
165. BUCIO, Erwin B .
166. BUDUHAN, Diana Grace D .
167. BUEN-MERENCILLA, Paula Michelle O .
168. BUENAVENTURA, Kathy C .
169. BUENAVENTURA, Kristoffer N .
170. BUENO, Gemicks Ace T .
171. BUENSUCESO, Sean M .
172. BUETA, Gregorio Rafael P .
173. BULAC, Michelle Mae C .
174. BULANG, Oliver C .
175. BULIYAT, Marie Mae D .
177. BURKLEY, Florence Diana V .
178. BUROG, Marie Irahlyn C .
179. BUSQUE, Janice H .
180. BUSTONERA, Chito Noel D .
181. CABATINGAN, Marisar Ivy C .
182. CABE, Rodalice P .
183. CABRADILLA, Fritz M .
184. CABRERA, Stanley Kristoffer V .
185. CABUDOC, Edsel R .
186. CABUGAO, John Philip O .
187. CADAYDAY, JR., Clayton C .
188. CADLUM-BOCO, Eusebia A .
189. CAGUETE, Joan Kathlyn C .
190. CAGUIAT, Johnny DC.
191. CAGUIOA, Francis Carlos C .
192. CAHIG, Carmela Rosario C .
193. CALANGI, Amelia A .
194. CALI, Nesrin B .
195. CALIBUYOT, Gwin V .
196. CALIMAG, Maria Rizza M .
197. CALINGASAN, Christian C .
198. CALIP, Norren Joy B .
199. CALIPAYAN, Jamaal James R .
200. CALO, Ludmilia L .
201. CALSADO, Anna Carmi R .
202. CAMPOS, Rosalinda G .
203. CANCINO, Christopher M .
204. CANDA-MELODIAS, Cherry P .
205. CANO, Darwin F .
206. CANTRE, JR., Recolito Ferdinand N .
207. CAPONES, Joanna Eileen M .
208. CAPUL, Christopher P .
209. CARAMPATANA, Glenn C .
210. CARANDANG, Carlo Brian S .
211. CARLOS, Kristine Joy G .
212. CARREON, Divina N .
213. CARREON, Jerilee R .
214. CASIS, Rainier J .
215. CASIÑO, Rhett S .
216. CASPE, Ma. Jesusa D .
217. CASTILLO, Lysander N .
218. CASTILLO, Margaret V .
219. CASTRO, Premier Dee Ewigkeit C .
220. CATABAY, Criselda J .
221. CATEDRAL, Ralph Vincent G .
222. CAYMO, II, Apolinario L .
223. CELIS, Ana Katrina C .
224. CENIZA, Brian P .
225. CERCADO, Crispin Simoun P .
226. CERO, De Mille V .
227. CHAGUILE, Adryan B .
228. CHERREGUINE, Clarence G .
229. CHING, Margaret R .
230. CHING, Princess Bambi B .
231. CHOTRANI, Dolly J .
232. CHUA, Germaine L .
233. CHUA, Katrina Pearl C .
234. CHUA-ASIS, Maria Aileen R .
235. CHUA-CHAM, Rosita
236. CHUNG, Jae Woo
237. CIUDADANO, Gil Norman D .
238. CLARAVALL, Benedicto Bienvenido C .
239. CO, Joan Kristel C .
240. CO, Zsa Zsa Lae K .
241. CODERA, Jandy P .
242. COLOMA, Janice G .
243. COLONIA, Chito John J .
244. COLOYAN, Sigrid Smile P .
245. COMIA, Frankie E .
246. CONCEPCION, Aleli U .
247. CONCEPCION, Anthony Chadd R .
248. CONDE, Bethany V .
249. CONOS, JR., Servillano A .
250. CONSTANTINO, Jeffrey B .
251. CORPUS, Ponciano Dexter Hector S .
252. CORTEZ, Deneesse Lou T .
253. CORTEZ, II, Jose Charito I .
254. COSALAN, Katarina Gabrielle V .
255. CRUZ, Eric C .
256. CRUZ, Jonas C .
257. CRUZ, Nicolette Ann P .
258. CRUZ, Ria Carmela R .
259. CRUZ, Trisha Andrea G .
260. CRUZ, Vincent Patrick R .
261. CUADRA-ROBINTA, Madyll S .
262. CUANAN, JR., Edgard B .
263. CUARTERO, Mary Anne C .
264. CUERPO, Von Bryan C .
265. CUIZON, Jasmine L .
266. CURADA, Alvin B .
268. DADULA, Joel B .
269. DALAGAN, Maria Romina M .
270. DALAUIDAO, Jan Michael U .
271. DALIVA, JR., Anacleto I .
272. DARVIN, Daniel Nicholas C .
273. DATO-ABUEL, Juanita Lilet A .
274. DAVID, Melba A .
275. DAVIS, Herbert C .
276. DE ALBAN, Ma. Caren Gail M .
277. DE CASTRO-BAQUIRAN, Cristine A .
278. DE CHAVEZ, Maricel L .
279. DE GUZMAN, Adrian T .
280. DE GUZMAN, Angela T .
281. DE GUZMAN, Ria Flor C .
282. DE LA CRUZ, Paul Vincent G .
283. DE LA CRUZ-JAVIER, Sheba V .
284. DE LEON, Carlos Rafael G .
285. DE LEON, Ian Jerny E .
286. DE VERA, Reagan S .
287. DEAÑO, Carmelita D .
288. DEIPARINE, Sydrick Jose Andrei G .
289. DEL BARRIO-ALCANSE, Franchesca L .
290. DEL CAMPO, Charisse Kay J .
291. DEL ROSARIO, Jerome F .
292. DEL ROSARIO, Powell A .
293. DEL ROSARIO, Richard M .
294. DEL VALLE, Irish Kay J .
295. DELA CRUZ, Ramon Alfredo E .
296. DELA CRUZ, JR., Cresencio D .
297. DELA PEÑA, Plen John Mark M .
298. DELOSO, Izelle Iamly P .
299. DENSING, Teresita A .
300. DIAZ, Robelita B .
301. DIGAUM, Ma. Zusabel R .
302. DIMAANO, Mae Belle D .
303. DIMAANO, Manuel M .
304. DIMARUCUT, Bernadette C .
305. DIONISIO, Emmylou M .
306. DIONISIO, Lorenze Angelo G .
307. DIZON-VICTORIO, Cristy B .
308. DOCENA, Melinda L .
309. DOCTOR, Brenn A .
310. DOLENDO, Arvin C .
311. DOLON, Nadine B .
312. DOMASIAN, Evan E .
313. DOMINGO, Jennifer V .
314. DONALVO, Percy Valsan Jun P .
315. DONATO, James Daniel S .
316. DUGASAN, Ann Kilsa M .
317. DULHAO, Mary Joan M .
318. DULLA, Maria Estrella G .
319. DULLANO, Phoebe Lou B .
320. DUMALE, Eraño A .
321. DUMDUM, Genevieve T .
322. DUMLAO, Nadine U .
323. DUÑGO, Carl Derick C .
324. DUÑOS, Lory Jean G .
325. EDQUILAG, Michael R .
326. EGAY, Aimee Faith L .
327. ELEAZAR, Norguel Yazer M .
328. ELMACO, Lloyd Jeson L .
329. EMATA, Sheila Marie P .
330. EMRALINO, Maria Virginia P .
331. ENCONADO, Aman Y .
332. ENDICO, Marricar C .
333. ENDRENAL, Anthony L .
335. ENRIQUEZ, Kristie Auriel T .
336. EPONDULAN, Yvonne A .
337. ESCALANTE, Daisy L .
338. ESMAN, Persel G .
339. ESPEDIDO, Spence V .
340. ESPINA, Julius A .
341. ESPONILLA, Ryan P .
342. ESTANISLAO, JR., Rizalino C .
343. ESTRADA, Lea S .
344. ESTRELLA, Anatoly N .
345. EVANGELISTA, Edmon B .
346. EVARDONE, Pearl Fatima L .
347. FABELLON, Katherina S .
348. FABIAN, Jocelyn T .
349. FABROS, Ari Vergil P .
350. FACULANAN, Jefferson T .
351. FACUN, Ramon D .
352. FELICIANO, Joseph Dexter M .
353. FERMO, Augusto P .
354. FERNANDEZ, Jamara Leigh C .
355. FERNANDEZ, John Dennis C .
356. FERNANDEZ, Joseph Christopher Y .
357. FERNANDEZ, March Jefferson M .
358. FERNIZ, Betsie A .
359. FEROLIN, Perr R .
360. FERRER, Kristine R .
361. FERRER, Sherwin C .
362. FLORES, Lyra Miragrace C .
363. FLORES, Reynaldo L .
364. FORTES, Gladys A .
365. FRANCISCO-LAO, Katrina Marie C .
366. FUYONAN, Milanie M .
367. GAANAN, JR., Eduardo Cezar D .
368. GABRIEL, Golda May D .
369. GAERLAN, Rosette S .
370. GALAN, Rene Rose DS.
371. GALIDO, Jeffrey P .
372. GALLEGA, Francis Avelyn B .
373. GALLEGO, Rhonalyn C .
374. GALLENERO, Sharmen D .
375. GAN, William Benson S .
376. GANDILLO, Alpha Faith A .
377. GARCIA, Aristeo Franklin M .
378. GARCIA, Enrico C .
379. GARCIA, Radney R .
380. GARCIA, Richard V .
381. GASPAR, Jervis A .
382. GATDULA, Isser Josef V .
383. GATMAITAN, Camille Bianca M .
384. GEMELO, Therese Xyza D .
385. GEMENTIZA, JR., Diosdado N .
386. GENDRANO, Jose Federico M .
387. GENERAL, Reuben Carlo O .
388. GENEROSO, Analie L .
389. GENIO, Jill Julie V .
390. GERALDEZ, Gia Angeli R .
391. GIALOGO, Edward G .
392. GO, Aldwill T .
393. GO, Eunice C .
394. GO, Gracyl Criste D .
395. GO, Lauren Niña A .
396. GO, Mary Jane L .
397. GO, Natasha M .
398. GOLOSINO, June Marianne E .
399. GOMEZ, Diana G .
400. GONZAGA, Rey Daniel N .
401. GONZALES, Geepee A .
402. GONZALES, Genevieve N .
403. GONZALES, Jose Paulo G .
404. GONZALES, Marvey Jay A .
405. GONZALES, Tristram E .
407. GONZALES-DARADAL, Abigail M .
408. GORRA, Jypsie Rose M .
409. GRANDE, Joanalyn A .
410. GUADES, Jose Crisostomo Y .
411. GUARIN, Rudolph Val F .
412. GUEVARRA, Loralee Suzette A .
413. GULTIANO, Eudisan P .
414. GUMABUN, Leonardo Nick D .
415. GUTIERREZ, Margarita N .
416. GUTOC, Abraham A .
417. HALLARES, John Fred C .
418. HAUTEA, Kathryn Joy Q .
419. HAW, Charmaine Rose K .
420. HERNANDEZ, Ana Lynn O .
421. HERNANDEZ, Dave John T .
422. HERNANDEZ, Jeffrey C .
423. HERNANDEZ, Maria Rowena P .
424. HERRIN, Mark Andrew C .
425. HO, Aaron Jarveen O .
426. HO, Charlie L .
427. HOSAKA, Jenicka Elizabeth E .
428. HUMANGIT, Maria Carmen Hazel N .
429. IBARRA, Marvin B .
430. IFURUNG, Nina Diorella K .
431. IFURUNG, Viralysa E .
432. ILAGAN, Rowell D .
433. ILEDAN, Jerald I .
434. ILO, Cecille Marie D .
435. ILUSTRISIMO, Vanessa L .
436. INFANTE, Maria Katrina L .
437. INTERINO, Honey Lyn B .
438. ISON, Jayson Jay P .
439. ITCHON, Reyna Fe C .
440. JABINES, III, Arturo B .
441. JACINTO, Gino Carmine S .
442. JACOME, John R .
443. JADULCO, Francis A .
444. JALIT, Ruby Ann S .
445. JARAMILLA, Dennis L .
446. JAVELOZA, Eric B .
447. JAVIER, Filemon Ray L .
448. JAVIER, Geraldine F .
449. JAVIER, III, Francisco P .
450. JIMENEZ, Ma. Cecilia B .
451. JIMENEZ, Minerva A .
452. JIMENEZ-SERRANO, Ethylene Grace A .
453. JO, Arvin A .
454. JOAQUIN, Dyanne O .
455. JOBOCO, Christian Alexander A .
456. JOCOM, Allister Michael C .
457. JOSE, Frederick August I .
458. JOSE, Raphael Augusto I .
459. JUMAMIL, Gerard Joseph M .
460. JUPLO, Ember Jann M .
461. KASILAG, Andrei Josef Y .
462. KOTAKE, Hiroshi R .
463. LA CHICA, Justin Vincent J .
464. LABAGUIS, Alden Patrick C .
465. LABANDRIA, Julius D .
466. LABOR, Sheeherazadee A .
467. LABUGUEN, Eric O .
468. LABUGUEN, Rhyss William G .
469. LACAMBACAL, Maria Icel L .
470. LACANDAZO, Jamahlin D .
471. LADERA, Jairo M .
472. LAGAN, Ana Pia Amor M .
473. LAIDAN, Karym B .
474. LANDAYAN, Paula Danica B .
475. LANDICHO, Alvin B .
476. LAPE, Janice S .
477. LARAÑO, Melbian Jerome E .
478. LASMARIAS, Peter Elfred A .
479. LASTIMOSO, Fritz A .
480. LAURENTE, Ann Camille A .
481. LAUZON, Mario Ryan E .
482. LAVISTA, Honoriza Krystle M .
483. LAYGO, JR., Hospicio I .
484. LAYUS, Cecilia Maeve T .
485. LAZARO, Jose Miguel N .
486. LAZARO, Vladi Miguel S .
487. LEDESMA, Mariness L .
488. LEE, Bryan Vince M .
489. LEE, Gene Nicholas A .
490. LEGASPI, Warren-derick T .
491. LEJANO, Charles Albert R .
492. LEQUIN, Lloyd M .
493. LIBANG, Gabriela Andrea R .
494. LIBATIQUE, III, Reynaldo C .
495. LIBUNAO, Dennis G .
496. LIDUA, Randall F .
497. LIGUTAN, Leo J .
498. LIM, Alexander F .
499. LIM, Camille Alison D .
500. LIM, Dyan Danika G .
501. LIM, Emma Malou U .
502. LIM, Esther Claudine F .
503. LIM, Ruth Katherine K .
504. LIMBO, Leonardo Oliver F .
505. LIMPANGOG, Junella G .
506. LIMPASAN, Fahkriemar H .
507. LINAG, Christopher S .
508. LIPAR, Mark Anthony H .
509. LLESOL, Rey T .
510. LLIDO, Jc Ma. Rose B .
511. LLOREN, Julie G .
512. LLUZ, Hobert N .
513. LOABLE, Nestor A .
514. LOINAZ, Maria Del Carmen Beatriz L .
515. LOPEZ, Jake J .
516. LOPEZ, Lew Carlo C .
517. LORENZO, Christine F .
518. LOTERTE, Vitto Duart C .
519. LU, Jocelyn B .
520. LU, Kristi Fe Mari E .
521. LUCAS, Margie Joy F .
522. LUMANLAN, Jennifer R .
523. MACALALAD, Alpheus D .
524. MACALINO, Joel U .
525. MACASAET, JR., Virgilio I .
526. MACASERO, Richyl Marie A .
528. MADREDIJO, Aemilda B .
529. MADRIAGA, Jesus Malcolm G .
530. MADRIAGA, Ma. Charizma B .
531. MADRIAGA, III, Frederick Faustino A .
532. MADRID, Nicolina C .
533. MAGALE, Suerlan T .
534. MAGALGALIT, Noel B .
535. MAGALLANES, Jonathan P .
536. MAGALLANES, Mark Anthony Lester N .
537. MAGBIRAY-PE, Monica S .
538. MAGSINO-SILOTERIO, Maria Elizabeth G .
540. MAGTURO, Gale Auzen M .
542. MAJAROCON, Mandy R .
544. MAKILING, Raymond S .
545. MALADAGA, Arabella L .
546. MALANYAON, Vera Q .
547. MALASIG, Alvin C .
548. MALIHAN, Marjorie B .
549. MALIWAT, Anselma P .
550. MALIWAT, Dax P .
551. MALLARI, Ianne Joy R .
552. MAMAD, Norsary S .
553. MANA-AY, Gary Angel S .
554. MANALOTO, Grace A .
556. MANGASAR, Lora L .
557. MANGROBANG, III, Jonas Cesar C .
558. MANGUBAT, Brenda D .
559. MANGUIAT, Maria Pia Caterina M .
560. MANLANGIT, Nikko Rey Aicetel T .
561. MANONGSONG, Marie Joyce P .
562. MARASIGAN, Cyril G .
563. MARCELO, Dave Francis G .
564. MARIANO, Maria Antoniette V .
565. MARTELINO, Dino B .
566. MARTIN, JR., Edward Cesar C .
567. MARTINEZ, Judith R .
568. MARTINEZ, Marinelli T .
569. MASANGCAY, Jay G .
570. MATEO, Arnel D .
571. MAURO, Adryan S .
572. MEDALLA, Meiline C .
573. MEDINA, Gerald Y .
574. MEDINA, Narcisa T .
575. MEJIA, Vina Grace B .
576. MENDIOLA, Peter Leo G .
577. MENDITA, Francis Roy F .
578. MENDOZA, Bernice C .
579. MENDOZA, Charlene Clara G .
580. MENDOZA, Jocelyn Q .
581. MENDOZA, Jowell A .
582. MENDOZA, Zeus Gamaliel S .
583. MENESES, Christian Gil P .
584. MERCADO, Maria Tara A .
585. MERCANO, Steve Paolo A .
586. MERIOLES, Paul Michael G .
587. MESA, Maria Monette F .
588. MIANE, Jojane D .
589. MIGRIÑO, Charlene Mae S .
590. MILITANTE, III, Reynaldo Gregorio T .
591. MIRALLES, Marvin M .
592. MISCALA, Melvin A .
593. MIÑOZA, Mary Hazel B .
594. MOLERA, Sheryl Anne S .
595. MONARES, Unalee R .
596. MONGE, Vanessa Joyce I .
597. MONTALBO, Jeremy P .
598. MONTEMAYOR, JR., Jose C .
599. MONTEROLA, Janice P .
600. MONTES, Lemuel R .
601. MORALES, Mitzele Veron L .
602. MORALES, JR., Jesus Emmanuel O .
603. MUNZING, Susan A .
604. MUSICO, Keith Andrew G .
605. MUSONG, Richard Joseph R .
606. NABUNAT, JR., Maurice C .
607. NACAR, Jansen T .
608. NACILLA, Elvin Kein M .
609. NAJERA, JR., Jose A .
611. NAVARRO, Michael Jourdan J .
612. NEPOMUCENO, Jonathan Francis C .
613. NG, Edison L .
614. NG, Jacob T .
615. NICDAO, Katrina Myra M .
616. NICOL, Ma. Donna Marcy B .
617. NOCOM, Hans Chester T .
618. NONATO, Regina Ann L .
619. NUDO, John Joenelle V .
620. NUESTRO, Juan Carlos P .
621. OBERIO, Charmagne Joie T .
622. OBLIGAR, Norhan C .
623. OCAMPO, Darwin S .
624. OCCIANO, Salvador Justino E .
625. ODI, Athenie Laarni S .
626. OI, Michico Rizza G .
627. OLA, Winnie Fred C .
628. OLARTE, Theodeus M .
629. OLAVERE, Erwin N .
630. OLBES, Renato P .
631. OMAR, Sorayda M .
632. OMELIO, JR., George C .
633. ONDA, Amie Rose L .
634. ONDI, Rey Mar G .
635. ONG, Ferlyn C .
636. OPERIANO, Aimee Joy B .
637. ORBE, Joanna Lyn P .
638. ORDOÑEZ, Levy P .
639. ORIG, Esperanza Caridad A .
640. ORPILLA, Julius G .
641. ORTEGA, Pinky D .
642. ORTIGUERRA, Marcel M .
643. ORTIZ, Martin Iñigo C .
644. ORTIZ, Rotela Fatima A .
645. ORTUA, Maria Christina C .
646. PACO, Michelle U .
647. PACURIBOT, Ban Mikhael C .
648. PADATE, Danieza Julaidah J .
649. PADATE, Wallad Abdani J .
650. PADILLA, Maria Vinina Bonita A .
651. PADLAN, Darwin Troy J .
652. PADLAN, Jay Vincent S .
653. PADRE, JR., Edgardo T .
654. PAGDANGANAN, Joeffrey G .
655. PAJARON, Jose Marie N .
656. PAJE, Scarlet Joy C .
657. PALAYON, Jethro M .
658. PALER, Paula Shena P .
659. PAMMIT, Oliver Gem C .
660. PANAHON, Emmar Benjoe B .
661. PANALIGAN, Marjorie B .
662. PANCHO, Jose Carlo C .
663. PANELO, JR., Salvador Paolo A .
664. PANLILIO, Carmina Marie R .
665. PANTI, Dante W .
666. PAPANDAYAN, Omar Camal G .
667. PARADA, Williamore P .
668. PARCIA, Charls Mark B .
669. PARIDO, Ma. Pelisa Corazon S .
670. PASIONA, Brix A .
671. PAYOT, Junefe G .
672. PAÑO, Diana Abigail A .
673. PELLAZAR, Brian B .
674. PENDINATAR, Aisa L .
675. PERALTA, Jeffrey P .
676. PERALTA, Siena Karen DG.
677. PEREZ, Ryan Romeo P .
678. PEREZ, Tara Tsarina B .
679. PEÑA, Rita Carla Fernandina O .
680. PEÑAFLORIDA, Kay Angela R .
681. PICCIO, Kathleen Joy C .
682. PICHAY, III, Benedict R .
683. PINEDA, Jesse Kenneth B .
684. PIZARRO, Abigail Camille A .
685. PLETE, Marianne P .
686. PO, Christine Glaisa S .
687. POBLACION, Krizelle Marie F .
688. POBLACION, Samantha L .
689. PULA, Sahlee T .
690. PULAYAN, Sherwin Peter O .
691. PUNO, Reginald Anton J .
692. PUNO, Theresa Marie C .
693. PUNZALAN, Kristine F .
694. PURUGGANAN, Kristin-zia B .
695. QUAZON, Paolo Justino T .
696. QUEJANO, Paolo Dominique O .
697. QUERRER, Anna Marie T .
698. QUILANG, Jennica M .
699. QUILOÑA, Zoraida P .
700. QUINAY, Pamela Elaine B .
701. QUINTO, Emma F .
702. QUINTO, Fitz Gerald G .
703. QUINTOS, Jay Antonell M .
704. QUIOC, Noven Joseph P .
705. QUISMORIO, Leo Angelo A .
706. RABE, Merryl Ann Hermila M .
707. RABON, Janine A .
708. RAFALES, Wilfredo B .
709. RAMA, Globel N .
710. RAMA, Mikel F .
711. RAMA, Tara Triztina C .
712. RAMEL, Ava Mari F .
713. RAMENTO, IV, Serafin L .
714. RAMOS, Archibald S .
715. RAMOS, George Ramil C .
716. RAMOS, Ma. Josephine M .
717. RAMOS, Ronald Allan D .
718. RANARA, Ruth D .
719. RANCES, III, Renato Ramon B .
720. RAÑESES, Ben John B .
721. REGAL, Miguel Antonio S .
722. REGOSO, Janice C .
723. REGUETA, Shyr Phoebe F .
724. REGUNTON, Katrina Gladys G .
725. REMEDIO, Irish Dwight L .
726. RETUYA, Niño Rey B .
727. REVIL, Jo Kristine C .
728. REYES, Alessandra Maria Anna Gloria O .
729. REYES, Alex Miguel P .
730. REYES, Catherine S .
731. REYES, Felix Conrad B .
732. REYES, Gerald James B .
733. REYES, Jan Manuelle
734. REYES, John Dominee A .
735. REYES, John Erwin A .
736. REYES, Lili-mae T .
737. REYES, Margaret Joyce M .
738. REYES, Mark Wilfred M .
739. REYES, Norly P .
740. REYES, III, Felipe Joaquin A .
741. REYES, JR., Isidro Martin F .
742. REYNALDO, Suzette R .
743. RICALDE, Rowena R .
744. RIEZA, Danielle Marie S .
745. RIMANDO, Clarence B .
746. RIVERA, Yvonne Marie A .
747. RIVERO, III, Roberto A .
748. RIÑOS, Shiela A .
749. ROCAFORT, Regulus R .
750. RODRIGUEZ, Christian Patrick S .
751. RODRIGUEZ, Francis Jerome V .
752. RODRIGUEZ, Josefina S .
753. RODRIGUEZ, Paolo Manuel T .
754. RODULFO, Vivien Leigh S .
755. ROMERO, Rafael Al D .
756. ROMULO, Mikhail G .
757. RONCALES, Gretchelyn G .
758. ROQUE, II, Rosalio D .
759. ROSALES, Robert H .
760. ROSARIO, Jearemmy S .
761. ROSARIO, Resida Rose T .
762. ROSAUPAN, Daniel T .
763. ROUX, Alma Jean Ganayo L .
764. ROXAS, Liberty D .
765. ROXAS, JR., Alan Maximilian Y .
766. RUBLICO, Roberto S .
767. RUFIN-CAIRO, Maricel C .
768. RULE, Eileen D .
769. RUPERTO, Ramon Antonio A .
770. SABIO, Jose Conrado Barker C .
771. SACO, Ronaldo B .
772. SACPA, Allan C .
773. SALANDANAN, Irish Krystle S .
774. SALAVANTE, Joanne P .
775. SALAZAR, Francisco Domingo Pascua L .
776. SALCEDO, Leandro B .
777. SALENDAB, Badr E .
778. SALGADO, Sabrina Gretchen D .
779. SALILIN, Arnan Amor P .
780. SALINAS, Stephen Ivan M .
781. SALIPSIP, Darren L .
782. SALISE, Rhys Hywel N .
783. SALOM, Kristoffer Bryan L .
784. SALONGA, Regina S .
785. SALUNAT, Blossom Joy V .
786. SALVADOR, Ralph Jerome D .
787. SALVAHAN, Jon Paulo V .
788. SALVOSA, Paolo R .
789. SAM, Rizza Mae H .
790. SAMBAJON, John Zernan T .
791. SAMONTE, Gerald Joseph H .
792. SAMONTE, John Paul T .
793. SAMPANA, JR., Alfonso G .
794. SAMSON, Ramon Miguel C .
796. SAN JUAN, Bryan A .
797. SAN JUAN, Sara Jei L .
798. SAN LUIS, Sophia Monica V .
799. SANTIAGO, Edlyn Margaret C .
800. SANTIAGO, Ryan Erik C .
801. SANTIAGO, Vesmind T .
802. SANTIAGO, JR., Roberto T .
803. SANTOS, Daryll Matthew T .
804. SANTOS, Sandra Jill S .
805. SANTOS, II, Honorio R .
806. SANTOS, JR., Emelito O .
807. SANTOS, JR., Roberto K .
808. SARANGAYA, Mary Joyce M .
809. SARAUM, Michelle Kristine D .
810. SARAUSOS, Janine J .
811. SAREMI, Kurush R .
812. SARENAS, Francesca Lois V .
813. SARIA, Eva Christine I .
814. SARITA, Jacky T .
815. SARMIENTO, Glaiza G .
816. SARMIENTO, Patrick P .
817. SARMIENTO, JR., Conrado R .
818. SARSABA, Ayn U .
819. SASTINE, Edda Marie M .
820. SASUMAN, Carl Vincent D .
821. SAVELLANO, Charmaine Joy R .
822. SEACHON, Art Ryan L .
823. SEBIDO, John Paul L .
824. SEGUIT, John Ryan E .
825. SEIJO, Edward Jason P .
826. SERGIO, Gerald C .
827. SERRANO, Czarina Grace A .
828. SEÑGA, Francesca Lourdes M .
829. SHALIM, Faye Miriam T .
830. SHONTOGAN, Genevieve M .
831. SICAT, Melissa Ann B .
832. SICO, Michael Angelo G .
833. SIMBULAN, Reuben Antonio A .
834. SIMON, Robin P .
835. SINGZON, JR., Cesareo Antonio S .
836. SINON, Elvamay M .
837. SISON, Eva Marie M .
838. SISON, Ryan Donviv C .
839. SISON, III, Maximo Paulino T .
840. SO, Ralph David D .
841. SOLANO, Marc Gregory M .
842. SOLIVA, Peter Paul A .
843. SONGUITAN, Olive Ruth A .
844. SORIA, Ma. Maharani Liwaya P .
845. SORIA, Marinheide B .
846. SORIANO, Karl William Louise L .
847. SORIANO, Paolo T .
848. STA. ANA, Erwin D .
849. STA. MARIA, Karen Kaye M .
850. SUAN, Lordan G .
851. SULLA, Ronald Jose C .
852. SUMCAD, Antoniette K .
853. SUMONGCAD, Elsie B .
854. SUNGA, Johana T .
855. SUPERIO, Leoncio H .
856. SUSTENTO, Rex S .
857. SY, Candice Niña Marie O .
858. SY, Marianne Camille C .
859. SZE, Louie Brian R .
860. TABIRARA, Glacy S .
861. TABOTABO, Bianca Chloe S .
862. TADENA, II, Reuben A .
863. TADEO, Domer B .
864. TAGALAG, Bernadette V .
865. TAGUDIN, JR., Joseph T .
866. TAGUINOD, Carol B .
867. TALIPING, JR., Rogelio R .
868. TALON, Krizia Katrina Leanne D .
869. TAMBIS, Mariedel P .
870. TAMONDONG, Blessalyn M .
871. TAN, Candy N .
872. TAN, Elaine G .
873. TAN, Jean Cathleen Y .
874. TAN, Luis Martin V .
875. TAN, Manuel Anthony S .
876. TAN, Rolan L .
877. TANCHICO, Reizel Ann A .
878. TANYAG, Lauren Rose R .
879. TAVERNER, Marianne S .
880. TAWAY, IV, Gil G .
881. TE, Wryan Martin C .
882. TECSON, Ma. Christina E .
883. TEJIDA, III, Guillermo C .
884. TEMPLADO, Ruby R .
885. TEMPROSA, Francis Tom F .
886. TENORIO, JR., Orlando F .
887. TETANGCO, Anna Teresa G .
888. TEVES, Patrick Ryan G .
889. TIANSAY, Kristoffer L .
890. TIROL, Roxanne Rhea G .
891. TIU, Kenneth R .
892. TIUSECO, Manolito T .
893. TOBIANO, Irish L .
894. TOBOSO, Stephen Jacon M .
895. TOLDANES, Cora Antonnette B .
896. TOLENTINO, Aaron S .
897. TOLENTINO, Florence O .
898. TOLENTINO, Paolo Carlo C .
899. TOPACIO, Vicente Jaime M .
900. TORRECAMPO, Charlene M .
901. TORREJA, Richard P .
902. TORRES, Christopher John A .
903. TORRES, Jesus G .
904. TORREVILLAS, Manuelindo Josef A .
905. TOYOKAN, JR., Simon K .
906. TRESVALLES, Tristan Frederick L .
907. TRIA, Grace Sarah S .
908. TROJILLO, Ernelson Q .
909. TUAZON, Shirley C .
910. TUBLAN, Benzon C .
911. TUGADE, Jose Arturo M .
912. TUGDAY, Carmi Czarina V .
913. TULAGAN, Glaiza L .
914. TULAY, Michael Samuel C .
915. TUMALA, Dindo A .
916. TUPAS, Keneth P .
917. TURLA, Dodie O .
918. UJANO, Shella T .
919. ULIBAS, Maria Karen Riza B .
920. UMALI, Al Matthew P .
921. UMALI, Mildred Yovela S .
922. UNO, Mark Cyrus C .
923. UY, Edwin Alden V .
924. UY, Joan Marie W .
925. UY, Jonathan Paul T .
926. UY, Krystal Lyn T .
927. UY, Phillip Francis M .
928. UY, Rachel T .
929. UY, Ryan M .
930. VALDERRAMA, Maricef F .
931. VALDEZ, II, Melquiades Marcus N .
932. VALENCIA, Dianeth L .
933. VALIENTE, Ryan Christian M .
934. VALMONTE, Joseph Alden H .
935. VARGAS, Maria Theresa Amylita B .
936. VASIG, Elyrhey Cesar R .
937. VEGA, Joseph S .
938. VEHEMENTE, Paul R .
939. VELASQUEZ, Mae Kirsten R .
940. VELO, Eileen T .
941. VELOSO, Larri-nil G .
942. VER, Kathlyn R .
943. VERA CRUZ, Philip Josef T .
944. VERGARA, Don Immanuel V .
945. VIBAL, Reynante B .
947. VILLAGRACIA, Jayvee E .
948. VILLALUZ, Alpheus T .
949. VILLAMAYOR, III, Don Briccio F .
950. VILLANUEVA, Don D .
951. VILLANUEVA, Gabriel S .
952. VILLANUEVA, Jerusha O .
953. VILLANUEVA, Kip Francis P .
954. VILLANUEVA, Teresa S .
955. VILLARIN, Erwin Glenn Q .
956. VILLAVERT, Francez Vanessa N .
957. VILLEGAS, Jan Freeman C .
958. VILORIA, Jumar A .
959. VILORIA, JR., Gil P .
960. VINIEGRA, Carmeline Q .
961. VINLUAN, Aries DM.
962. VISTA, Oriel C .
963. VIZCARRA, JR., Jose M .
964. YAMAMOTO, Ma. Eliza Camille B .
965. YAMBAO, Carmela C .
966. YAMBOT, Maria Cristina P .
967. YANGO, Rafael G .
968. YAP, Philip Hussien B .
969. YAP, Warren Jeffrey B .
970. YEE, Zeus Izzy T .
971. YLANAN, Medrobel P .
972. YONG-GABON, Ma. Daryl Q .
973. YPANTO, Dexterius John N .
974. YU, Charlene Anne G .
975. YU, Cherlynne G .
976. YU, Gerald R .
977. YUSON, Giancarlo L .
978. ZAMORA, Fatima Anne C .
979. ZUBELDIA, Joel B .
980. ZULUETA, Maryrose J .
981. ZULUETA, JR., Leonardo C .
982. ZUÑIGA, Patricia Lauren D .

Source: Supreme Court
Congratulations to the passers!

Japan confirmed damage to nuclear reactor March 15, 2011

Japanese government said on Tuesday that part of the container of a troubled nuclear reactor appears to be damaged. A spokesman for the Nuclear Safety Agency said at a news conference that the damage was caused by the latest hydrogen explosion that was heard at 6:10 a.m. Tuesday (2110 GMT Monday). Tokyo Electric Power Co. owner said, the explosion occurred near the suppression pool--the bottom part of the container, which contains water used to cool down the reactor and control air pressure in--in the reactor's containment vessel. The pool was later found to have a defect indicating possible serious radiation leaks.
International scientists have said there are serious dangers but not at the level of the 1986 blast in Chernobyl. Japanese authorities were injecting seawater as a coolant of last resort, and advising nearby residents to stay inside to avoid contamination.
So if there would be a serious nuclear radiation leak, what could be its adverse effects on humans? The medical effects of a nuclear blast upon humans can be put into four categories:
  1. Initial stage -- the first 1–2 weeks, in which are the greatest number of deaths, with 90% due to thermal injury and/or blast effects and 10% due to super-lethal radiation exposure
  2. Intermediate stage -- from 3–8 weeks. The deaths in this period are from ionization radiation in the median lethal range
  3. Late period -- lasting from 8–20 weeks. This period has some improvement in survivors' condition.
  4. Delayed period -- from 20+ weeks. Characterized by “numerous complications, mostly related to healing of thermal and mechanical injuries coupled with infertility, sub-fertility and blood disorders caused by radiation.” Also, ionizing radiation from fallout can cause genetic effects, birth defects, cancer, cataracts and other effects in organs and tissue.
The main long term effects of a nuclear blast are infectious diseases caused by contaminated water, untreated sewage, crowded living conditions, poor standard of living, and lack of vaccines in the aftermath. These diseases include:
  • Dysentery
  • Infectious hepatitis
  • Salmonellosis
  • Cholera
  • Meningococcal meningitis
  • Tuberculosis
  • Diphtheria
  • Whooping cough
  • Polio
  • Pneumonia

Daylight Saving Time Around the World 2011

Daylight Saving Time Around the World 2011

Daylight Savings Time 2011-when to start? With Daylight saving time coming, there would be longer, more light-filled days. Also, this means that all clocks that don't automatically switch over will have to be manually moved ahead one hour.

Daylight Savings Time starts on the second Sunday in March. This year the time change starts on Sunday, March 13 and ends Sunday, November 6. So, set your clocks ahead one hour at 2 a.m. Sunday morning on March 13. But not all states observe the time difference like Hawaii, most of Arizona, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

And for the for list of current times around the world, and which places are observing DST at the moment, check out the Daylight Saving Time Around the World 2011 at timeanddate.com.

What is Daylight Saving Time?

Daylight Saving Time (or summertime as it is called in many countries) is a way of getting more light out of the day by advancing clocks by one hour during the summer. During Daylight Saving Time, the sun appears to rise one hour later in the morning, when people are usually asleep anyway, and sets one hour later in the evening, seeming to stretch the day longer.
Northern Hemisphere
Daylight saving time begins in the northern hemisphere between March–April and ends between September–November. Standard time begins in the northern hemisphere between September–November and ends between March–April. Many countries in the northern hemisphere may observe DST.

Southern Hemisphere
Daylight saving time begins in the southern hemisphere between September–November and ends between March–April. Standard time begins in the southern hemisphere between March–April and ends between September–November. Many countries in the southern hemisphere may observe DST.
Why Observe DST?
Many countries observe DST, and many do not. The reason many countries implement DST is in hopes to make better use of the daylight in the evenings, as well as some believe that it could be linked to reducing the amount of road accidents and injuries. The extra hour of daylight in the evening is said to give children more social time with friends and family and can even boost the tourism industry because it increases the amount of outdoor activities.

Ash Wednesday Fasting 2011 Rules

Ash Wednesday Fasting 2011 Rules: In the Catholic Church, Ash Wednesday is observed by fasting, abstinence from meat, and repentance. Here are some Ash Wednesday Fasting 2011 rules:

The Catholic Church sets guidelines on age regarding Lenten rules. Technically, Catholics between the ages of 18 and 59 are obligated to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. In addition, all Catholics 14 years old and older must abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and all the Fridays of Lent.
Canon 1251 Abstinence from eating meat or another food according to the prescriptions of the conference of bishops is to be observed on Fridays throughout the year unless they are solemnities; abstinence and fast are to be observed on Ash Wednesday and on the Friday of the Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

What is the Meaning of Ash Wednesday? | Catholic Ash Wednesday

What is the Meaning of Ash Wednesday? Ash Wednesday, in the calendar of Western Christianity, is the first day of Lent and occurs 46 days before Easter. It is a movable feast, falling on a different date each year because it is dependent on the date of Easter. It can occur as early as February 4 or as late as March 10.

At Masses and services of worship on this day, ashes are imposed on the foreheads of the faithful (or on the tonsure spots, in the case of some clergy). The priest, minister, or in some cases officiating layperson, marks the forehead of each participant with black ashes in the shape of a cross, which the worshipper traditionally retains until it wears off. The priest or minister says one of the following when applying the ashes:
Remember that thou art dust, and to dust thou shalt return.
—Genesis 3:19
Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel.
What is the Meaning of Ash Wednesday?, Catholic Ash Wednesday, Ash Wednesday
In the Catholic understanding of the term, the liturgical imposition of ashes on Ash Wednesday is a sacramental, not a sacrament, and the ashes themselves are also a sacramental. The ashes are blessed according to various rites proper to each liturgical tradition, sometimes involving the use of Holy Water. Ashes, being sacramentals, may be given to anyone who wishes to receive them, as opposed to Catholic sacraments, which are generally reserved for church members, except in cases of grave necessity. In the Catholic Church, Ash Wednesday is observed by fasting, abstinence from meat, and repentance—a day of contemplating one's transgressions.

Evan Emory YouTube Video: Evan Emory to land in jail

Evan Emory YouTube Video, Evan Emory to land in jail, Evan Emory Song lyrics

(Warning: This post contains lyrics from Evan Emory's YouTube video. The content includes graphic adult language and might be offensive.)

Evan Emory YouTube Video: What could have gotten into the mind of this guitarist when he thought of joining together a video that could give an impression to the viewers that he was singing a dirty song in front of a group of first graders. He thinks it's funny.

Accordingly, Emory seek out permission to sing to the children for a 'personal project'. He claims he sang an inoffensive song in front of the kids. But it wasn’t until he revisited the empty classroom that he filmed himself singing a sexually explicit one.

Michigan authorities are alleging that Evan Emory’s Youtube video could be in violation of a law designed to prevent people from creating 'child sexually abusive material.' The parents are outraged and many of them were present at his first court date demanding that he be punished. Some supporters of Emory are invoking the first amendment, and claim that his arrest is a violation of his right to free speech.

I think a person's right to free speech ceases the moment he violates the rights of others particularly wounding their dignity, moreover that of the children.

The Evan Emory YouTube Video of course no longer exist in YouTube for it has been deleted. But here's some of the lyrics to Evan Emory's song (excerpts from Evan Emory video, including lyrics and description of children):
“See how long it takes to make your panties mine”
(wide shot of the children)
“I'll add some foreplay in just to make it fun”
(close up of girl laughing)
“I want you to suck on my testes until I spurt in your face”
(close up of girl covering her mouth)
“I'll lick on your chewie”
(close up of two girls covering their mouths)
“I want to stick my index finger in your anus”
(close up of boy making a shocked face)
“I'll be the bus riding your ass up and down my town”
(close up of boy with grossed-out look on his face)
“I'm gonna use my sausage to make fettucine, then for dessert have a Harry Houdini”
(close up of girl laughing and rocking)

Demi Lovato Rehab Update Video: Demi Lovato on Rehab: "Probably the Darkest Time in My Life”

Demi Lovato Rehab Update, Demi Lovato on Rehab

Demi Lovato Rehab Update Video | Demi Lovato on Rehab: "Probably the Darkest Time in My Life”:
Disney starlet Demi Lovato entered rehab in November 2010. Her publicist issued a statement explaining that she had chosen to "seek medical treatment for emotional and physical issues she has dealt with for some time." Demi's rehab stay was especially supported by Disney.

But despite being in rehab for physical and emotional issues and having compromising photos on the Internet, Demi Lovato still won the People’s Choice Award in the “Favorite TV Guest Star” category for her appearance on the hit medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy.” The awards ceremony held on January 5th, 2010 Wednesday night at the Nokia Center in Los Angeles, California was streamed live on CBS.

Demi Lovato was released from rehab treatment in late January 2011. And now, Demi Lovato wants her life back. She thanked her fans for their support throughout her gloomy situation, as she had claimed that rehab was “probably the darkest time in her life.”

Watch this video from cambio.com of Demi sending a special message to her fans around the world, thanking them for their incredible love and support over the past few months.

Redondo Beach Dead Fish - Millions of dead fish in Redondo Beach, California 2011

What a shocking waste of natural resources! This is the latest on the Redondo Beach Dead Fish. Millions of dead fish are floating in Redondo Beach, California on March 2011. This massive fish kill was due to the oxygen depletion in the King Harbor basins.

City officials with the help of marine experts would determine if there was any environmental issue involved. Water tests are now being performed as officials begin removing the dead fish. Investigations are being done to determine what could have brought oxygen levels to nearly zero, but the likely cause is an algal bloom and subsequent decay.

Redondo Beach Dead Fish - Millions of dead fish in Redondo Beach, California 2011
“There are no visible signs of any toxins that might have caused [the die-off] and our early assessment is that this was oxygen depletion,” Workman said. “This is similar to what we experienced five years ago but that was distinctly a red tide event but there’s no discoloration of the water, no associated foaming in the waves, Workman said. “There are no oil slicks or leaking of substances into the water.”
Check out this photo of the Redondo Beach Dead Fish as millions of sardines, mackerel and anchovies that had covered the surface of the Basins 1 and 2 of the north side of King Harbor Marina. The massive dead fishes were surrounded by the boats at dock.

Redondo Beach Dead Fish - Millions of dead fish in Redondo Beach, California 2011

Kilauea Eruption 2011 pictures | Hawaii (Kilauea) Eruption 2011 video

Kilauea Eruption 2011 pictures | Hawaii (Kilauea) Eruption 2011 video: Mount Kilauea in Hawaii started erupting this past weekend, spewing lava as high as 80 feet into the air. While the roads and trails leading up to the eruptions are closed off, authorities say you can safely view the eruption from 1.5 miles away.
Kilauea Eruption 2011 pictures:

Watch Hawaii Kilauea Eruption 2011 video below. See those lava flowing out.

Charlie Sheen Fired 2011 | Charlie Sheen Officially Fired From Men 2011

Charlie Sheen Fired 2011 | Charlie Sheen Officially Fired From 'Men'. Warner Bros. Television fired Charlie Sheen from "Two and a Half Men".

The official statement read:
"After careful consideration, Warner Bros. Television has terminated Charlie Sheen's services on 'Two and a Half Men' effective immediately."
But fans of the series need not be sad for it is not yet the end of the show. According to Paul McGuire, spokesman for Warner Bros., "no decision has been made regarding the future of the show."

Warner Bros. and CBS have long tolerated Sheen's misbehavior of drug and alcohol benders, partying with porn stars and pleading guilty to misdemeanor third-degree assault on his soon-to-be ex-wife, Brooke Mueller because of the show's value, reports said.

Supercars 2011 | Pagani Huayra Supercar 2011

Supercars 2011 | Pagani Huayra Supercar 2011: Italian supercar manufacturer Pagani Automobili SpA. has finally revealed its much rumoured and much anticipated successor to the Zonda - Meet the Pagani Huayra. Pagani will begin selling the 700-horsepower successor to the Zonda in the U.S. through a dealer network beginning later this year, reports said. Its price is expected to be more than $1 million.
Named after Huayra Tata, an ancient God of wind, the Huayra has a six-liter, 12-cylinder engine with two turbochargers built by Mercedes-Benz’s AMG performance unit, which is responsible for the German company’s most powerful models. The engine breathes through a pair of air intakes behind the occupants that the company describes as “a tribute to the supersonic aircraft of the late 1950s and 1960s.” They were designed to allow air into the engine without unnecessarily disturbing aerodynamics.
Check out the video of the Pagani Huayra Supercar 2011 (on the road) below:

You can also check out this awesome teaser video of the Pagani Huayra Supercar 2011Just click on the link.

Pagani’s current model, the Zonda, has been a perennial leader in top-speed and brute-power contests run by car magazines for the past decade and has been tantalizingly out of reach for many would-be customers in the States.
Pagani Zonda

Best Airport Worldwide 2010 | Best Airport Worldwide in Quality Service: South Korea Incheon International Airport

Best Airport Worldwide 2010: For its sixth consecutive year, South Korea's Incheon International Airport was selected the Best Airport Worldwide in Airport Service Quality in 2010. According to South Korea's Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, it beat the rivals Changyi Airport of Singapore and Hong Kong International Airport. The Airport Service Quality is a comprehensive set of awards granted by Airports Council International, an association of around 1700 airports worldwide.
The Incheon International Airport is located 30 miles (50km) from central Seoul at Incheon. The well-equipped airport has bureaux de change and banks, a large variety of restaurants and other eateries, numerous duty-free shops and a basement supermarket. There is a mobile phone rental outlet and Internet kiosks, pharmacies, saunas, hair salons, a post office and luggage storage facilities.

So, how do we get quickly to Incheon International Airport? Visitors can transfer to the city along the Airport Expressway by public or courtesy bus, or a variety of taxis, from the airport Transportation Centre. The journey takes about an hour and a half.

More information about South Korea's Incheon International Airport, just click on the link.

Pagani Huayra Supercar 2011

Pagani Huayra Supercar 2011: Italian supercar manufacturer Pagani Automobili SpA. has finally revealed its much rumoured and much anticipated successor to the Zonda - Meet the Pagani Huayra. Pagani will begin selling the 700-horsepower successor to the Zonda in the U.S. through a dealer network beginning later this year, reports said. Its price is expected to be more than $1 million.

Named after Huayra Tata, an ancient God of wind, the Huayra has a six-liter, 12-cylinder engine with two turbochargers built by Mercedes-Benz’s AMG performance unit, which is responsible for the German company’s most powerful models. The engine breathes through a pair of air intakes behind the occupants that the company describes as “a tribute to the supersonic aircraft of the late 1950s and 1960s.” They were designed to allow air into the engine without unnecessarily disturbing aerodynamics.
Check out the video of the Pagani Huayra Supercar 2011 (on the road) below:

You can also check out this awesome teaser video of the Pagani Huayra Supercar 2011Just click on the link.

Pagani’s current model, the Zonda, has been a perennial leader in top-speed and brute-power contests run by car magazines for the past decade and has been tantalizingly out of reach for many would-be customers in the States.

Selena Gomez Punched in the Face Pictures

Here are Selena Gomez Punched in the Face Pictures: Rumors of Selena being punched by a Justin Bieber fan may not be a rumor after all. Take a look at the pictures below and decide for yourself if the rumor was  just a rumor or indeed true.

It all started when Selena was photographed covering her face while out to celebrate Justin’s 17th birthday at the Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant in Los Angeles on Tuesday. In most of the pictures, Selena was trying hard to hide a fat lip. Check out Selena Gomez Punched in the Face Pictures below:

Images credit: gossipteen.com

Charlie Sheen Joins Twitter | Charlie Sheen Joins Twitterverse

Charlie Sheen joins twitter and had his first tweet which reads, “Winning..! Choose your Vice… #winning#chooseyourvice” along with a photo (below with Rachel Oberlin).
Charlie Sheen joined the twitterverse today ... and for his first trick, dude posted a photo of himself along with his other favorite things ... a hot chick, chocolate milk ... and something naked.
According to gossipcop.com, Charlie Sheen currently has 166,000 followers and growing.

Check out the photo below of Charlie Sheen joins twitter:

Justin Bieber Haircut Style 2011 | Justin Bieber Got A New Haircut 2011

Here's the latest craze on Justin Bieber's haricut style for 2011. Justin Bieber got a new haircut style which Bieber himself unveiled on TMZ Live on Monday afternoon, providing during and after images that may make teenager girls cry.

Check out this Justin Bieber's haricut style for 2011.

When asked about the new hairstyle, this is what Justin Bieber had to say:
"I just wanted a kind of a change, I didn't want to cut it all off, but I had had it for 3 1/2 years, I had just gotten sick of it, it was in my eyes, I didn't want it in my face, I just wanted to change it up."
Well, boys certainly grow up fast and change are part of it. He looks a little mature in his new haircut.

Here's an update about the Justin Bieber Haircut Style 2011 from TMZ:
The hair that was cut from Justin's head has been collected and will be doled out to a few organizations for charity. TMZ is getting a lock and we're going to use it to raise money for some animal charities.

Rio de Janeiro Carnival Fire (VIDEO)

Rio de Janeiro Carnival Fire (VIDEO): A warehouse containing floats, costumes and props for Rio de Janeiro's famous carnival has gone up in flames on Monday. The dreams of thousands of participants in Rio de Janeiro's world famous carnival have gone up in smoke less than a month before the annual street party is due to start. Watch the video as very thick smoke caused by the fire fill the air above.

Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and every sweet and thoughtful buddy is on the move to find the best Valentine's gift for their loved ones. Flowers and chocolates are kind of traditional but still the best to show your love and care. For a more tech-wise gift ideas, here's are some of the best Valentine's Day gift I have found online. Just follow the links and check them out.

From Best Buy:

True Blood: The Complete Second Season [5 Disc / Blu-ray][Widescreen] - Blu-ray Disc (SAVE $19.99)
  • True Blood: I Will Rise Up (2009)
  • True Blood: Release Me (2009)
  • True Blood: New World in My View (2009)
  • True Blood: Keep the Party Going (2009)
  • True Blood: Never Let Me Go (2009)
  • True Blood: Shake and Fingerpop (2009)
  • True Blood: Scratches (2009)
  • True Blood: Hard-Hearted Hannah (2009)
  • True Blood: Nothing But the Blood (2009)
  • True Blood: Timebomb (2009)
  • True Blood: Frenzy (2009)
  • True Blood: Beyond Here Lies Nothin' (2009)

Teenage Dream [PA] [Digipak] - CD (SAVE $4.99)
  1. Teenage Dream - (featuring Dr. Luke/Max Martin/Benny Blanco/Katy Perry)
  2. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) - (featuring Dr. Luke/Lenny Pickett/Max Martin/Katy Perry)
  3. California Gurls - (featuring Dr. Luke/Max Martin/Snoop Dogg/Benny Blanco/Katy Perry)
  4. Firework - (featuring Katy Perry)
  5. Peacock - (featuring Katy Perry)
  6. Circle the Drain - (featuring Julio Miranda/C. "Tricky" Stewart/Daniel Silvestri/Charles Malone/Josh Freese/Pat Thrall/Katy Perry)
  7. One That Got Away, The - (featuring Dr. Luke/Max Martin/Katy Perry)
  8. E.T. - (featuring Ammo/Dr. Luke/Max Martin/Katy Perry)
  9. Who Am I Living For? - (featuring Monte Neuble/Brent Paschke/C. "Tricky" Stewart/Brian "B-Luv" Thomas/Pat Thrall/Katy Perry)
  10. Pearl - (featuring Fabien Waltman/Greg Wells/Katy Perry)
  11. Hummingbird Heartbeat - (featuring Monte Neuble/Brent Paschke/C. "Tricky" Stewart/Josh Freese/Pat Thrall/Katy Perry)
  12. Not Like the Movies - (featuring Greg Wells/Katy Perry)
  13. California Gurls [Passion Pit Main Mix] - (mix)
  14. Teenage Dream [Kaskade Club Mix] - (mix)
Canon - PowerShot 14.1-Megapixel Digital Camera - Pink (SAVE $50.00)
Product Features
  • From our expanded online assortment; not available in all Best Buy stores
  • 14.1-megapixel, 1/2.3" CCD
  • Captures high-resolution images up to 4320 x 3240.
  • 4x optical/4x digital/16x total zoom
  • Through a wide-angle lens for precise zooming and accuracy.
  • 2.7" PureColor System TFT-LCD monitor
  • For easy use and a clear display.
  • DIGIC 4 image processor
  • Provides superior image quality. Also features face detection technology with self-timer, motion detection and blink detection technologies. Smart Shutter technology takes a picture when the subject smiles or winks.
  • Optical image stabilizer
  • Reduces image blur caused by camera shake and vibration. ISO up to 1600 for improved image capture in low-light conditions.
  • Shooting modes
  • Include auto, P, portrait, night snapshot, kids and pets and indoor. Special modes include low light, color accent, color swap, fisheye effect, miniature effect, beach, snow, foliage, underwater and fireworks.
  • Smart AUTO mode
  • Automatically selects the ideal settings for each shot.
  • TTL (through-the-lens) autofocus
  • With macro mode focuses as close as 1.2" for clear photos up close.
  • Burst shooting mode
  • Captures up to 0.7 fps for fast-action shots.
  • White balance controls
  • Include auto, daylight, tungsten, cloudy, fluorescent, fluorescent H and custom to help achieve natural tones under different lighting conditions.
  • Built-in auto flash
  • With red-eye reduction for natural-looking eyes in portraits.
  • Photo effects
  • Include My Colors off, vivid, vivid blue, vivid green, vivid red, neutral, sepia, black-and-white, positive film, lighter skin tone, darker skin tone and custom.
  • HD movie mode
  • Records videos in selectable resolutions, including HD (1280 x 720 at 30 fps), VGA (640 x 480 at 30 fps) or QVGA (320 x 240 at 30 fps) with audio. mini-HDMI output for viewing videos or still images on an HDTV.
  • Multicard slot
  • Supports Secure Digital, Secure Digital High Capacity, Secure Digital Extended Capacity, MultiMediaCard, MultiMediaCard Plus and High Capacity MultiMediaCard Plus formats.
  • >> Store more photos! Find compatible memory cards in our Memory Center!
  • Direct printing
  • With any PictBridge-enabled printer, so you can connect the camera to a compatible printer and print photos without using a PC. USB 2.0 interface for easy connection to a computer.
For broken-hearted, here's a step by step remedies to sooth a kindred spirits tortured soul. Click on the link.

Dating Match Connection

Happy Valentine's Day!

Best Caribbean Cruises from New York City

Best Caribbean cruises from New York City: Cruises that depart from New York are popular among native New Yorkers who enjoy taking a cruise that doesn’t involve a flight to Miami and tourists from around the world who love adding New York’s best attractions like Broadway, shopping, museums, Central Park, restaurants, nightclubs and more sophisticated fun to a cruise vacation.

New York is one of the world's most famous and busiest cruise ports. Norwegian and Carnival are among the awesome cruise lines which sail from Manhattan to the Caribbean.

The Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel offers a 9-Night Caribbean Cruises round-trip from New York City which sails May 1, 10, 19, 2011 with low fares starting from $599 pp. Norwegian Cruise Line Jewel boast great features such as a wide variety of unique restaurants, hot tubs on deck, pools, live entertainment and casinos, as well as a full service salon and spa, fitness centers, and play areas for children.

Carnival Cruise Line Glory offers a 4 or 5-night round-trip Canada Cruises from New York City. Glory sails June through September 2011 with low fares starting from $279 pp. Glory features more nightclubs, duty-free shops, restaurants and a fabulous steakhouse. Most of Carnival Cruise Line Glory's extra-spacious staterooms feature ocean views and the majority of those boast private balconies. You can relax in any of the Carnival Glory's three pools or take a wet and wild ride on the 214-foot waterslide.

Spend a few days in New York City before or after your New York cruise to make it the vacation of a lifetime. Enjoy!

Fairmont San Francisco Hotel - Valentine's Day Package

The Fairmont San Francisco Hotel is a world-renowned hotel known for turning moments into memories for leisure and business travelers. Fairmont San Francisco hotel has been host to some of the most influential meetings and events, breathtaking weddings and personalized special occasions of the century.

The Fairmont San Francisco Hotel not only features 591 guest rooms and suites, but also offers fine dining with three renowned restaurants and lounges, as well as 55,000 square feet of spectacular function space. The hotel also boasts a panoramic view of the City and the Bay from high atop Nob Hill.

Fairmont San Francisco Hotel
The Fairmont San Francisco luxury hotel is a short cable car trip from bustling Downtown, Financial District, Union Square and Fisherman's Wharf. The Fairmont San Francisco hotel is located at the only spot in San Francisco where each of the City's cable car lines meet.

And this Valentine's Day, the Fairmont San Francisco Hotel offers a "Love Is In The Air" package for couples. The Venus de Fairmont package includes, elegant room accommodations at the landmark hotel and a bottle of sparkling wine and chocolate-covered strawberries.This package which is available now through December 30, 2011 starts at $245 per night, plus tax and gratuity.

For more information or reservations, please call 1(866) 540-4491 (international numbers) or visit www.fairmont.com.

Anderson Cooper Attacked (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper Attacked (VIDEO): Riots in Cairo is getting worse as Anderson Cooper with his crew has been attacked by supporters of the government on Wednesday early morning. Anderson Cooper and his CNN news crew claim they were punched, kicked and shoved by a violent mob of pro-Mubarak supporters in Cairo.
Anderson explained, "The instinct is try to punch back ... but in a situation like that you really can't because that just inflames the crowd all the more ... so all we could do is just try to walk as quickly as possible, stay together and seek a safe location which is where we are now."
Watch this Anderson Cooper attacked video below:

Cooper had sent out an update via his tweeter thanking those who gave their concern:
"Thanks for tweets of concern. I'm sore and head hurts but fine. Neil and mary anne are bruised but ok too. Thanks"
But then a lot of people have negatively commented on Anderson Cooper. Here's what one have to say:
Dear Anderson Cooper,
When you attempt to do***ent a peoples peaceful struggle with their government by placing yourself among them you are assaulting their rights. There people should not be violated by you, your camera nor your opinion that humanity deserves to witness political conflict. You have disgraced your profession and you would prove your worth if you were to beg forgive from the people of Egypt. I am American citizen and I value the rights we have to privacy, rights you have stripped the people of Egypt from securing. I am ashamed to share citizenship with you, I will forever mention your injustices I have just watched. (posted by Jess on TMZ)
I think the man's right. That's Egypt's internal problem and any country should be aware that once people's rights are assaulted, expect the unexpected. 

Sony Next Generation Portable (NGP) video

Sony officially unveiled their next handheld video game system, the Sony Next Generation Portable, codenamed NGP at a press event in Tokyo on Thursday, January 27th. Sony's Next Generation Portable which will be released before the end of 2011 features a load of impressive technology, including two analog sticks, a 5-inch OLED touchscreen, a second touch pad on the back of the device, a new flash-card media format, as well as 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, front and rear cameras, an electronic compass, and six-axis motion-sensing capability.

Watch this video of the unveiling of the new Sony Next Generation Portable in Tokyo.

So would you sell your current PSP now and grab this awesome Sony New Generation Portable?

Image credit: engadget.com

Burj Khalifa Opens At.Mosphere: World's Highest Restaurant

At.Mosphere-World's Highest Restaurant

Care to dine at the world's highest restaurant? Dubai opens At.Mosphere, the world's highest restaurant soaring 442 metres (1,350 feet) up in the sky on Sunday January 23, 2011. The restaurant is situated on the 122nd floor of the world's tallest building, Dubai's Burj Khalifa. Located two levels below the tower's observation deck, the "world's highest restaurant" can host "over 210 guests and features a spacious arrival lobby, a main dining floor, private dining rooms and display cooking stations," according to AP.

Armani Hotel Dubai
You can also find in the Burj Khalifa the Italian designer Giorgio Armani's signature hotel. Armani Hotel Dubai is the world’s first hotel designed and developed by Giorgio Armani. It has eight restaurants offering a wide choice of world cuisines ranging from Japanese and Indian to Mediterranean and authentic fine-dining Italian. The hotel also features:
  • 24 Armani Studio rooms
  • 54 Armani Classic rooms
  • 26 Armani Premiere rooms
  • 4 Armani Premiere rooms with Balcony
  • 26 Armani Suites
  • 2 Armani Suites with Balcony
  • 12 Armani Executive Suites
  • 3 Armani Ambassador Suites
  • 3 Armani Ambassador Suites with Balcony
  • 5 Armani Signature Suites
  • 1 Armani Dubai Suite
Burj Khalifa has an observation deck on the 124th floor, open to visitors for an hour at an entrance fee of at least 100 dirhams (27 dollars) per adult and at least 75 dirhams per child. Tickets may be purchased at the ticket office near the entrance to At the Top on the lower ground of The Dubai Mall.

Burj Khalifa is formerly known as Burj Dubai with a towering height of 828-metre (2,716.5-feet). It was later named after United Arab Emirates (UAE) President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahayan. The world's tallest building is surrounded by hotels, must-visit shopping destinations and a world of entertainment options.

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

Nokia has announced the availability of its latest Nokia X3-02 touch and type handset. It has a unique combination of a resistive touchscreen and traditional 12-button phone keypad. Nokia’s affordable “Touch and Type” phones allow users to tap quickly on the touchscreen, as well as enjoy the familiarity of the full keypad for quickfire text messages and phone calls.

According to Engadget's review, the beauty of the Nokia X3-02 is that touch comes as essentially a free extra rather than the fundamental navigation paradigm. It's augmented with 3G, 802.11n WiFi, and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, and the whole thing is wrapped within a 9.6mm-thin brushed aluminum shell.

Here's the Nokia X3-02 features and specifications:
  • Standby 408 hrs
  • 5 mega pixel camera with zoom
  • Screen resolutions of 240 x 320 pixels
  • WAP 2.0/ xHTML/HTML
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Network: Quad band GSM/3G HSDPA
  • Stereo FM radio with RDS
  • USB v2.0 connectivity
  • Dimensions 106.2 x 48.4 x 9.6 mm
  • Weight 78 gm
  • 2.4-inch TFT touch screen 256K colors display
  • Video player with HD video recording
  • Talk time 5 hrs
  • JAVA MIDP 2.1
  • Camera resolutions of 2592 x 1944 pixels
  • Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP
  • BL-4S Li-ion battery
  • Music player with 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Up to 16GB microSD card support
  • Windows Live Messenger/Yahoo Messenger/G-talk/Facebook/Twitter