Rex Ryan Foot | Rex Ryan Foot Video

Here's the Rex Ryan foot, particularly described as the Rex Ryan foot video that's abuzzing the internet for hours. Reports said that Rex Ryan's wife, Michelle Ryan, posted foot-fetish videos starring herself online. Take a look at one of these videos and judge for yourself. The video shows a woman with her feet out the window and showing in the mirror of the SUV as well.

Rex Ryan would not comment on the reported videos. But Deadspin has this to say:
But the connections only begin with surface resemblances. We found "ihaveprettyfeet"'s personal profile on a foot fetishist dating site. She lists her location as Ellicott City, Md. When Rex Ryan was an assistant coach with the Ravens, his profile on the official team city had him living with his family in Ellicott City, Md. Michelle Ryan was born in August 1963, a Virgo. "ihaveprettyfeet" lists herself as a Virgo. Michelle Ryan taught high school English before retiring to raise her kids; "ihaveprettyfeet" has a graduate degree, is married with kids, and lists herself as a homemaker. Michelle Ryan once said that, in heels, she was "a foot [shorter]" than her 6'4" husband; "ihaveprettyfeet" lists herself as 5'2". To be sure, there is also an Ellicott City "ihaveprettyfeet" listed on this swingers site. It's a couple's profile. The husband checks in at a very un-Rexlike 5'10, 180 pounds.
So what do you think? Are the persons in the Rex Ryan foot video the Ryan couple themselves? Check out more videos of Michelle Ryan with her foot at