Tiger Woods Divorce

Image: Wife Elin and Woods before the controversy

Reports are roaming around that the Tiger Woods' divorce is on its finality with only a filing in Orlando County Court by Wife Elin remaining. Elin is reportedly asking for a $750 million divorce settlement.

Reports from The Sun and The Herald argue that while Tiger's fear is Elin's speaking out, her fear is protection of the children against Tiger's "womanzing".

So what made the two to agree on the settlement?

Considered to be the biggest pay-out of a celebrity divorce ever, there are conditions, however.
  1. For Elin: Her eternal silence. "No interviews, tell-all books, or TV appearances about this for the rest of her life - even if Tiger dies first - or she'll lose the lot."
  2. For Woods:Tiger may not bring any other females around their children.
  3. Elin gets full physical custody of the kids but they share legal custody. That means Tiger will share decisions about the kids. He will be able to visit his kids up to half a week per week but without the company of any woman that isn’t related to Woods as a spouse or fiancĂ©e.
Is $750 million just right to shut Elin up, making way for the rebuilt of Woods' damaged reputation?