Miley Cyrus Can't Be Tamed (Official Music Video)

After that controversial performance at the Teen Choice Awards 2009 where Miley Cyrus did pole dancing as she performed Party In The USA, here's comes Miley Cyrus Can't be Tamed Music Video. Different reactions were thrown regarding the performance of Miley Cyrus here. Well, I see some Britney Spears style. Here are some of the comments:
drklutz: I really can't wait for another few months, when Miley is pregnant and her career ends. She seriously tries too hard to be something she clearly isn't. Not pretty. Not talented. Not Lady Gaga/Beyonce/Britney/Rihanna.
buffilovesdisnyjonas: miley is amazing she is fixing to be 18 in novmber so theres NOTHING worng with the vidoe. parents need to just shut the fuck up about miley being a role model. because if they dont like the things there kids are seeing fucking tell them that is not right to do dont do that.
AllisonMarieChan: I think this song was better off sung by someone else, like Britney, Katy Perry, or Christina, Miley's voice doesn't fit. I think it has to do with the way she's best known as Hannah Montana, pop and supposedly supposed to be safe and good because she's with Disney. I can't take her seriously when she tries new things, like this. I just keep thinking Hannah Montana. I guess that's why people can easily view her as "slutty" since she made a jump from sparkly clothes to more revealing pieces.
Well, here's the Miley Cyrus Can't Be Tamed (Official Music Video). Is this the beginning of her career metamorphosis from a wholesome Hannah Montana to an adult sensual woman? What do you think?