HR 4872, also known as Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Acts, wherein the House is expected to vote on this bill on Sunday 3/21/10. Accordingly,
This bill would amend the Senate's health care bill to bring some of its provisions more in line with the more progressive House version of the bill. It is a budget reconciliation bill, resulting from instructions that were included in Congress' 2010 budget plan. Under the rules, debate of this bill would be limited to 20 hours in the Senate, meaning no filibuster, and amendments would be severely limited.
H.R. 4872 Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Acts, explained in a statement by the President yesterday, “This legislation contributes to transforming the health care system to make health care more accessible and affordable for the American people. It also includes provisions that would eliminate wasteful subsidies for student loan lenders and invest these savings to fortify the Pell Grant program and increase Pell Grants for millions of students; strengthen community colleges; strengthen Historically Black Colleges and Universities and other Minority-Serving Institutions; and allow students to cap student loan payments at affordable levels. The education provisions are estimated by the Congressional Budget Office to reduce the deficit. The Administration urges quick action on this landmark reform.”
The House has voted in favor of the Senate Reconciliation Bill with all the Republicans objecting, and 220 Democrats voting yea, and 31 Democrats voting nay. The Bill will now move back to the Senate for final passage.