Magic Jack | magicJack - No more monthly phone bills

Yes! No more monthly phone bills with magicJack. YMax Corporation which is based in Palm Beach, Florida, said this week at the International Consumers Electronics Show 2010 that it plans to start selling the new magicJack in about four months for $40, the same price as the original magicJack.
According to YMax CEO Dan Borislow, the device will connect to any phone that uses the GSM standard, which in the U.S. includes phones from AT&T Inc. and T-Mobile USA. At a demonstration at CES, a visitor's phone with a T-Mobile account successfully placed and received calls through the magicJack. Most phones from Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel Corp. won't connect to the device.

Borislow said the device is legal because wireless spectrum licenses don't extend into the home.
So, no more monthly phone bill, no more local or long distance charges because magicJack allows users to make phone calls from their cell phones without having to pay any fee to the cell phone carrier. All you have to do is plug the magicJack into the USB port on your laptop or desktop and use the Magic Jack VOIP over your high-speed broadband or cable Internet connection.

At, you can buy the magicJack for only $39.99