Katie Piper model

Katie Piper is a British model who had been a victim of acid attack in 2008.
In the late afternoon of March 31, 2008, Piper was attacked with sulfuric acid by a complete stranger on the street outside a London cafe. Security cameras captured her running across the street -- virtually blinded and desperate for help. Finally, someone called the police and Piper was rushed to the hospital. (ABC News)
After almost two years of rehabilitation, Katie Piper is back to share her her hopes for the new year and the lessons she has learned in an interview with "20/20" co-anchor Elizabeth Vargas.
After being attacked, I realized what evil there was in the world. But my faith in mankind was restored. Throughout my recovery, I have been surrounded by love, support and prayers from members of the public, friends, family and my incredible surgeon, Mr. [Mohammad] Jawad. I believe that without that vital support network, I couldn't have pulled through.

For 2010, I intend to always appreciate everybody around me and all they do for me. My experience has taught me that no matter how bad you think things are, with strength and determination, you can always get through it.
Below is a picture of Katie Piper as a result of the acid attack.

Katie Piper model after acid attack pictures
And here's a picture of Katie Piper after the rehabilitation.

Katie Piper model after rehab picture