Skygrabber - Satellite Internet Downloader

Have you heard of Skygrabber - Satellite Internet Downloader? According to reports, SkyGrabber is a $26 software used by insurgents to hack into US Predator drones, the unmanned planes that are operated by remote control. For more interesting details and comments on the hack report, read: SkyGrabber Review: Powerful Software In The Wrong Hands?

SkyGrabber is an offline satellite Internet downloader. It intercepts satellite data (e.g. movie, music, pictures) that is being downloaded by other users and saves information in your hard disk. So, you'll get new movie, best music and funny pictures for FREE.

Just how does the Skygrabber works? Simple. Follow the link below by copying the URL then paste it on your web browser.

With Skygrabber, you don't have to keep an online Internet connection. You just have to customize your satellite dish to selected satellite provider and start grabbing.

SkyGrabber is a Russian programme upon which the site is apparently run by Cherkashyn Vyacheslav in Nab Podeba, Ukraine.