Retired Major League Baseball right fielder Sammy Sosa definitely looks different now than he was in 1990s. The once dark-complexioned, undeniably African-looking Sosa now looks considerably lighter. In almost six months, changes in his skin pigmentation was so shocking that Sosa's fans have speculated that his rampant steroid use in the '90s and 2000s is behind this. Or, is he having the same Vitiligo skin disease as the late King of Pop had?

Sammy Sosa - Sammy Sosa skin photos
Sammy Sosa - Sammy Sosa skin photos

Those speculations were cleared as an acquaintance of Sammy Sosa claims that the former baseball star is going through a skin rejuvenation.
The Chicago Tribune quotes Rebecca Polihronis:

"He's not trying to be Michael Jackson," said former Cubs employee Rebecca Polihronis, who talks frequently with Sosa.

"He is going through a rejuvenation process for his skin. Women have it all of the time. He was surprised he came out looking so white. I thought it was a body double. Part of (the photo appearance) is just the lighting.

"He is in the middle of doing a cleansing process to his skin. The picture is deceiving. He said, 'If you saw me in person, you would be surprised. When you see me in person, it is not going to seem like the picture ... People who saw him in person did not react the same way. He can't believe it is such a big deal."
Here's Sammy Sosa skin transformation photos:

Sammy Sosa - Sammy Sosa skin photos
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Why does he need to rejuvenate his skin so as to make it lighter? Black is beautiful, isn't it? I've read he's started wearing green contact lenses. Why green?