Sen. Francis Escudero | Escudero quits Presidential Bid

Sen. Francis Escudero quits presidential bid for 2010. According to the young senator, this is not yet the time for him to run for higher office. Some supporters of Sen. Escudero were disappointed of his decision, yet they were still hoping the senator would change his mind.
"I’ve always said that for me, it’s the presidency but not at all cost. Not at the cost of losing my soul, not at the cost of losing myself, not at the cost by being eaten up by the system and the process and certainly not at the cost of not being able to do the things that I was and set out to do."
The senator's father Sorsogon Rep. Salvador "Sonny" Escudero said he is happy with his son’s decision, that his son is taking the honorable path and that makes him proud of him.

Well, this makes our major list for 2010 presidentiables down to four: Aquino III, Teodoro Jr. and Villar, including Estrada (if court qualifies him to run).