Elizabeth Lambert - Mountain West Conference Women's Soccer Tournament

Soccer is indeed a battle. Look at what happened during the semi-finals of the Mountain West Conference Women's Soccer Tournament between New Mexico Lobos Elizabeth Lambert and Brigham Young University Cougars Kassidy Shumway. Watch the video of the play.

But despite dirty tactics by New Mexico Lobos particularly done by defender Elizabeth Lambert (which I think was just an obvious retaliation), Brigham Young University advances in Mountain West Conference women's soccer tournament.

After she had kicked, punched, clawed, and yanked, Elizabeth Lambert has been suspended indefinitely by her school.

I remembered one of the punchlines of Shaolin Soccer, particularly the practice match. When Stephen Chow said, "We're just playing soccer. We're not fighting in a battle". The coach answered, "The real soccer game is a battle." You'll definitely laugh your heart out.