Below are Charla Nash pictures after attack. On the Wednesday episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show", chimp attack victim Charla Nash revealed to the public her disfigured face. Charla Nash told Oprah Winfrey that she is blind, eats through a straw, and has only partial use of her mauled hands. She hopes to get a face and hand transplant in the future.
"I'm getting stronger and healthier," Charla says. "I'd like to put across to people's minds that these exotic animals are very dangerous and they shouldn't be around."
Oprah spoke with the media about the interview and choked up as she relayed the experience.
“She’s a good mother and, like all good mothers, she’s worried about her daughter,” Oprah said. “She worried about whether her daughter is going to choose the appropriate prom dress and worried that she won’t be there for that. I have to tell you, it’s one of those stories about the resilience of the human spirit that makes us all take a look a different look at our lives.”
It was in February 16, 2009 when Charla Nash was attacked by 14-year-old Travis, a 200-pound pet chimpanzee of her friend Sandra Herold. The chimp attack happened at the home of the animal's owner in Stamford, Connecticut. The chimp ripped off Nash's eyes, lips, nose, various parts of her scalp and parts of her jawbone. On that same day, Travis was shot and killed by a police officer to stop him from attacking Charla Nash.

Below are pictures of Charla Nash before she was attacked:

Charla Nash pictures before attackCharla Nash pictures before attack
And here is a snapshot of her on the Oprah show months after the chimp attack:

Charla Nash pictures after attack | chimp attack victim pictures
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It's so scary to be attacked by animals like that. These exotic wilds animals should remain in the wild as it is in their naturalism to live in the wild. They should not be captured to be tamed as pet. Though it's definitely possible to tame them, it's not forever that they will remain as tamed. These animals and their likes are not created to live with humans.