On the season premiere of Flash Forward – season 1 episode 1 entitled, "No More Good Days": It's just another normal day in Los Angeles. FBI agent Mark Benford and his partner, Demetri Noh, are in the middle of a car chase monitored by their boss, Stanford Wedeck, and colleague Janis Hawk. Mark's wife, Dr. Olivia Benford, is in the middle of surgery, and Dr. Bryce Varley is weighing a potentially life-ending decision. Mark's friend, Aaron Stark, is working high above the ground on power lines, while Nicole Kirby -- baby-sitter to Mark and Olivia's daughter, Charlie -- is in the throes of passion with her boyfriend when suddenly, and without warning, every person on Earth blacks out for two minutes and seventeen seconds and sees a series of events from their own future, taking place on April 29, 2010 at 10:00 p.m., Pacific Time.

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For some the future will be joyous and hopeful; for others, shockingly unexpected; and for a few, it simply doesn't seem to exist. Everyone in the world will eventually begin chronicling what they saw in their flashforwards on a worldwide website -- the Mosaic Collective -- that will further draw people together. And some of the flashforwards just might help Mark and his colleagues piece together the cause of the blackout.

Knowing their fate will alter each person's life in one way or another, questions were asked: Can destiny be changed? And by changing just one destiny, what effect would that have on those of others? Don't miss the season premiere.

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