Typhoon Ondoy aftermath

Here's typhoon Ondoy aftermath update. Haven't yet recovered from the devastation brought about by typhoon Ondoy, here comes typhoon Pepeng, reported to be much stronger, had already entered the Philippine area of responsibility, and is expected to have a landfall by Sunday in northern Luzon.

People greatly affected by the recent calamity is still on the process of recovering and here comes another one. The pictures show angry and hungry people. It looks like they have to fight to continue life, which means that the help they get from the government and those from the NGOs and private organizations is not enough.

There are those who are taking advantage of the relief goods especially coming from private people. There were reports that some relief operations were being blocked before it reaches the place where it should be transported. Sec. Teodoro is appealing to all people not to take advantage of the situation, instead help each other in resolving the problems.

Image credit: www.sunstar.com.ph