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Susan Finkelstein's pics is all over the net after this 43-year-old Philadelphia Phillies fan was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly offering sex in exchange for World Series Tickets.

In her Craigslist ad, Finkelstein described herself as a "diehard Phillies fan -- gorgeous tall buxom blonde -- in desperate need of two World Series Tickets." "I'm the creative type! Maybe we can help each other!" An undercover officer in the Philadelphia suburb of Bensalem saw the ad and responded by setting up a meeting with her. Susan Finkelstein told Inside Edition in defense against the charges of prostitution that she was only flirting, not engaging in prostitution.
"I was really looking for a way to get reduced World Series tickets … If I can flirt with someone and maybe get cheap tickets, more power to me."
Here's another Susan Finkelstein pic from Facebook:

Susan Finkelstein - World Series Tickets
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Watch the AP report of the interview with Bill Brennan, Susan Finkelstein's attorney:

A die-hard fan, indeed! Her intention might be honest but she has to prove it.