Somer Thompson - Somer Thompson body found

Somer Thompson body found in a landfill near Folkston, Georgia, where Orange Park’s garbage is dumped. Though the Clay County (FL) Sheriff Rick Beseler has confirmed that a body of a “young child” has been found at the Chesser Island Road Landfill here in Charlton County, the lawman has stated they have not yet confirmed the identity or even sex of the body, but they have notified the parents of Somer Thompson, the missing 7-year-old girl from Orange Park, Florida of the discovery.
The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said an autopsy will be performed Thursday morning in Savannah, Ga.

“We hope and pray that it’s not the body of Somer (Thompson), but the garbage that was in that area was collected from Orange Park,” Beseler said.

Seven-year-old Somer Thompson disappeared while walking home from school Monday afternoon. A massive search of Orange Park has been under way since Monday evening.
If the autopsy will confirm that the found body belongs to Somer Thompson, I guess nothing can be done to bring her back. What is important is to find out who did this grievous crime so that justice can be served the soonest time possible.

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