Vehicular and road accidents are very rampant and considered as one of the serious problems in any parts of the world today. The leading causes of road accidents are rear-end accidents caused by driver inattention, lane departure and Run Off Road accidents, and rear-end accidents caused by insufficient distance keeping.

A computer chip and a tiny camera not much bigger than a dime is installed on the windshield behind a car's rear-view mirror. Mobileye AWS (Advance Warning System), an inexpensive hi-tech driver assistance system has the potential to lower accident rates and teach people how to be "smarter" drivers, according to Netherlands-based Mobileye Vision Technologies.

Mobileye AWS 4000Mobileye AWS 4000

The Mobileye AWS (Advance Warning System) is a driver assistance system for accident prevention and mitigation. AWS is based on a camera located on the vehicle’s front windshield that watches the road ahead. Mobileye AWS is the only automotive aftermarket system worldwide to include Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, and Headway Monitoring and Warning in one system. Mobileye AWS increases overall driving safety, improving driver alertness.

Watch the Mobileye AWS (Advance Warning System) promotional video and instructional video below:

I think Mobileye AWS (Advance Warning System) will greatly help reduce road accidents, but I don't know if it will help discipline drivers. Because of this advanced technology, drivers may tend to rely too much on the warning system, forgetting their natural driver instincts. What if they'll have to drive again a car without AWS?