H1N1 vaccine clinics are now open in some parts of the world like British Columbia and Chicago. These H1N1 vaccines will be given with high priority to those who are at very high risk of flu complications.

In Chicago, six free H1N1 vaccine clinics will be opened to help combat the H1N1 swine flu pandemic, according to the city's health department. Health officials said free clinics will be set up at six City College locations (all except Harold Washington) to administer the two million doses of swine flu vaccine the city expects to get from the federal government. A first shipment of 16,000 nasal-spray vaccines arrived last week and is being administered to the most at-risk. The city expects weekly shipments of between 50,000 to 150,000 doses of the vaccine.

H1N1 vaccine clinics - Swine Flu Vaccine
In Vancouver, the Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) had started its H1N1 vaccination clinics on Monday, giving free shots to priority high-risk groups, including people under 65 with chronic health issues, pregnant women, and people who live in remote or isolated communities, including first nations.

The second phase of the vaccination program starts next Monday (November 2), when the H1N1 flu shot will also be available to children six months to five years of age, people who work in health care, and people who are in contact at home or through home care services with infants and those who have compromised immune systems. People who are not at highest risk are requested to wait until mid-November to get immunized when BC receives its full orders of H1N1 vaccine.

But is there really a need for people to get these flu vaccine shots? I just wondered how intensely necessary it could be, because there are some reports saying that these vaccines are developed to depopulate the human race. Sounds scary. I think people should meditate deeper into their minds and think thoroughly, will these vaccines save them or will it cause them their lives.