Giuliana Rancic pregnant. Although Giuliana Rancic had previously stated that she can’t wait to start a family, the E! News correspondent denied the rumors that she is pregnant with her husband, season one Apprentice winner Bill Rancic.

Giuliana Rancic and Bill Rancic
“No, I’m not pregnant!” she laughed, just before going into a dinner celebrating Olympic Gold Medalist Picabo Street’s 4th Annual Ski Challenge to benefit victims of child abuse.

“I bet Ryan Seacrest started the rumor. Ryan has this thing with co-hosts where he busts their chops – like with Randy [Jackson] and Paula [Abdul] on American Idol – and I get it too. So he probably started telling people, ‘Oh, so many people around the office are pregnant, so and so, and me! And now when I do get pregnant, no one will care.”
The issue's settled then. She's not yet pregnant as of the moment. Anyways, they'll definitely have it soon, so let's just wait for the good news.