Filippa Hamilton photos - Filippa Hamilton fired

Filippa Hamilton is the 23-year-old, 5′10″, 120 pounds, and a size 4 model who made headlines for a controversial Ralph Lauren ad in which her body is severely distorted into an emaciated bobble head. Check out Filippa Hamilton photos here. Hamilton has modeled for Ralph Lauren for eight years since she was 15 years old.

Filippa Hamilton appeared on the Today Show this morning to speak out on the Photoshopped abomination of an ad that ran around the world and went viral last week. But the bombshell was the revelation that Filippa Hamilton was fired following the photo shoot for being too fat. The Ralph Lauren Co. says the size 4, 8-year veteran was let go for "an inability to meet the obligations of her contract." RL says she couldn't fit into the sample-sized clothing on the rack.

Here’s what Filippa Hamilton had to say:

She's not fat. In fact, she's sexy though a fleshy one. Her body's just right. Well, maybe RL wants to make clothes just for thin women.