Here's an update on Escudero for President 2009.

Escudero resigned from NPC
Sen. Escudero resigned from NPC as he reportedly announced on Wednesday at Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan City. He explained in front of the media and supporters that he left the party to allow himself to decide on his own what position he should run for in 2010.

According to reports, Sen. Escudero met with Cojuangco on Tuesday night, after which he decided to leave the party. What made Escudero resign? Was it the thought that he will surely lose or that he don't have the support he needed? Well, here's an excerpt of the comment made by Ymmam:
The decision of Chiz to quit from NPC after he met with Danding is not at all surprising. No matter how public Danding would claim that "politics is thicker than blood," when asked whether he would throw his support to either or both of his nephews (Noynoy and Gibo), Danding could not simply set aside the thought and fact that one of his nephews will occupy MalacaƱang, soon! Danding has his own vested interest to pursue and fortune to protect.
It was just two weeks ago that Sen. Francis Escudero had expressed through an interview his desire to run for a higher position, that of presidency for the 2010 elections. And since he was a member of the NPC, it follows that he will most probably be the party's standard bearer.

The senator, however, stated that he will still run for a higher position, which is either the presidency or the vice-presidential post. Sen. Escudero has three more years left in the Senate. Even if he loses in May 2010, he will remain a senator until 2013.