Elisabeth Hasselbeck nip slip - Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Isaiah

Elisabeth Hasselbeck just welcomed a baby boy named Isaiah Timothy, her third child with husband former NFL quarterback Tim Hasselbeck last August 2009.

It's a mother's joy to see her baby smiling and more joyfully if it's a big big grin. That's why when Elisabeth Hasselbeck got a chance to grab that big grin with her iPhone, she never hesitated to share it with her family. Only to find out later that she had also sent them a photo of her nipple slip.

Today Elisabeth Hasselbeck appeard on "The View" to talk about her new baby boy. She told her fellow co-hosts that she took a photo of her baby with a big grin on his face with her iPhone. Watch the video below.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck nip slip might be embarrassing for her but it's normal. She's just a mother that's very fond of her boy. That's why she might have forgotten to take shots carefully due to her excitement of grabbing that once-in-a-while baby grins.