A croupier is an employee of a gambling casino who collects and pays bets and assists at the gaming tables.

Croupier, a movie released (limited) by Little Bird Films, Film4, Tatfilm GmbH, La Sept ARTE in April 21, 2000 and which starred Clive Owen, is about an aspiring author, working as a roulette dealer in his father's casino, and is convinced by his girlfriend to participate in a robbery scheme, which he ends up writing about for his book. The movie was filmed in London, England, United Kingdom and Germany.

Croupier - Clive Owen
Jack Manfred is an aspiring writer who, suffering from a bad case of writer's block, takes a job as a croupier to support his art. Jack remains an observer, viewing the gamblers at his tables with the same cool detachment that he brings to the novel he begins to write about his on-the-job exploits. He never gambles yet, when a beautiful casino regular lures him into a dangerous but potentially lucrative caper, Jack is convinced the odds are with him. Little does he know that the temptations of the game will swallow him deeper than he could ever have anticipated.