Stephen Gately - Boyzone Stephen Gately died

Stephen Gately of Boyzone died at the age of 33 in a tragic accident while on a vacation in Majorca, Spain. Stephen Gately, a member of the Irish boy band Boyzone was discovered kneeling against a sofa with his face buried in a pillow. The group had said briefly on its Website on Sunday that Gately "tragically died" on Saturday while visiting the island of Mallorca.

Gerald Kean, a Gately family friend in Ireland, said the singer died of natural causes.
"There's no foul play involved, and it's not suicide. It's just a tragic accident is what we've been told, and we're happy that that is correct information," Kean said. "There is nothing untoward. It's not drugs, we don't believe. It's not suicide. It's not murder. It's not a fight. That's what we've been told."
Boyzone was one of the biggest acts to come out of Ireland in the 1990s, formed in 1993 by impresario Louis Walsh.