Spain's First Family with the Obamas photo was captured and posted on the State Department's Flickr page . The Spanish Prime Minister's daughters 13-year-old Alba and 16-year-old Laura were seen here dressed in goth fashion.

The Spanish Prime Minister's daughters' faces I had blurred here to protect their privacy. The girls have never had photographs of themselves published previously in print or online due to a Spanish law prohibiting the media from doing so. This Spanish Prime Minister family photo was quickly removed from Flickr at the request of the Spanish government.

Although the original picture of Spanish Prime Minister's daughters with the Obamas had already been removed from Flickr, it still remains online.

Spain's First Family with the Obamas - Spanish Prime Minister's daughters - Spanish Prime Minister family photo
I think there's nothing wrong with the girls' sense of fashion. Although they are daughters of dignitaries and should be as what dignitaries should be, they are also like other teen girls with unusual fashion taste. Also, the goth fashion suits the girls well, since they got extra flesh on. The black color really hides them all. As long as they behave well, leave them that way because they will definitely get tired of this fashion as they grow to womanhood.