Obama calls Kanye a jackass

Everyone's looking for Obama calls Kanye a jackass video. There are some who posted Obama calls Kanye a jackass audio, but that was unofficial and unconfirmed, too. I think there's really no official video nor an audio of that conversation because Obama said that "jackass" remark during a pre-interview chatter which means it's off-the-record. In fact, after that remark, Obama asked those who were present that the remark be kept private. I think that request calls for professional etiquette. I just wondered why some still tweet about Obama's remark despite the appeal.

In my own point of view, when the President said those remark, it was not meant to destroy the being of West (it was already destroyed). It was said in a manner a common concerned citizen would react. The president is a president but he is also a human. It's quite normal to react that way. That is why, when the president realized he might have gone too far, he had appealed to keep the remark private. I think some of those who were assembled did not understand and have that common sense.

Well, there might be some journalists who would disagree that the remark would go off the record because you see, this is where they get their living. A scoop, isn't it? So, "No story, no money!"

But what Kanye did to Swift really made him a jackass.