Here's the Derrion Albert beating video as captured on a cellphone. Derrion Albert, a Chicago honor roll student was on his way home from school when he found himself in the middle of a street fight near the Agape Community Center. This video release is meant to help the Chicago police identify those who were allegedly involved in Derrion Albert's death.

Warning: Due to graphic violence, this video should not be viewed by anyone under 18.

I guess there was not any one particular person whose to blame for what had happened to Derrion Albert because in the first place, he had let himself be involved in the fight. Starting from 00:45, Derrion went straight into the middle of the fight and hit someone. It's just too bad that his release of a single fist hit, earned him so much retaliation that he wasn't able to recover from it. Unexpectedly, I think he had miscalculated all possibilities of a tragic ending.

But still, damage has been done and nothing can reverse what had happened. So those who were directly involved in Derrion Albert's death must face the consequences of their impulsive actions.