Proclamation 1081 entitled "Proclaiming a State of Martial Law in the Philippines", was promulgated by President Ferdinand E. Marcos on September 21, 1972. The proclamation placed the entire country under his authoritarian regime. Pres. Marcos appeared on TV at 7:15 p.m. and announced it throughout the country on Saturday, September 23, 1972, that is two days after it was signed.

A part of the declaration signed by Marcos read as follows:

In addition, I do hereby order that all persons presently detained, as well as all others who may hereafter be similarly detained for the crimes of insurrection or rebellion, and all other crimes and offenses committed in furtherance or on the occasion thereof, or incident thereto, or in connection therewith, for crimes against national security and the law of nations, crimes against public order, crimes involving usurpation of authority, rank, title and improper use of names, uniforms and insignia, crimes committed by public officers, and for such other crimes as will be enumerated in Orders that I shall subsequently promulgate, as well as crimes as a consequence of any violation of any decree, order or regulation promulgated by me personally or promulgated upon my direction shall be kept under detention until otherwise ordered re- leased by me or by my duly designated representative.