The Miss Universe is an annual pageant contested by different young ladies of beauty and brains, each representing her own country. The 58th Miss Universe pageant will be hosted for the first time by the state of Bahamas specifically at the Atlantis Resort Paradise Island.

Among the audience's favorites in this year's pageant are Ms. Ecuador, Ms. Iceland, Ms. Canada, Ms. Venezuela, Ms. Puerto Rico, Ms. Dominican Republic, Ms. USA, Ms. Russia, Ms. Sweden, Ms. Mexico, and Ms. Philippines represented by Pamela Bianca Manalo.

The Miss Universe 2009 crown will be different from the last year's. According to the organizer of the pageant, there are 3 designs to decide on. The viewers are encouraged to choose from among the 3 crowns of peace, hope and unity. If you would like to vote for your choice, log on to

I hope Philippines' Ms. Bianca Manalo will take home the Miss Universe 2009 crown.

Here's the screen shots of the 3 crowns:


For me, my choice is unity. It's simple yet very elegant. And because the world is in a global financial crisis, all countries must unite in the hope of achieving international peace for global prosperity.


Well, 'Peace' was voted by viewers to be the Miss Universe 2009 crown.