Michael Jackson homicide ruling by the Los Angeles County Coroner brought a lot of sentiments from the fans of the late King of Pop. Here are some:

"I'm a little bit surprised," Jane Brackley of London told MTV News in Times Square. "Then again, you knew he was taking quite a few prescription drugs, and somebody had to give them to him."

New Yorker Natasha Jane took the news a bit more personally. "It's very disturbing, and the fact that it's a homicide makes it even more devastating," she said. "I'm a singer, so he was one of my inspirations. You just don't expect anything like this to happen to Michael Jackson."

Amara thinks the justice for Murray — and anybody else who may have been complicit in Jackson's death — should be swift and sharp. "They robbed the whole world of the best show ever, and I think prison won't be nearly enough for somebody like that."

But the question still remains if Dr. Murray could be held solely liable for the death of Jackson because it might be argued that Jackson had his consent in the use of propofol despite health warnings. I guess it's still a long way to go for justice to be served.