Here's a very very good show to test a teen's ability to follow rules and to test if today's teens especially coming from a very liberated family, are still controllable despite the right to freedom they are enjoying. Moms and Dads who believe their own parenting style is better than most? - You are also invited to join.

Moms and dads, if you’re proud of your firm family structure, have well-behaved kids over the age of 13 and want to show off your unflinching strict parenting skills, this could be an opportunity to help bring some order to the life of a teen.

Teens, are you rebellious and tired of your parents’ rules and restrictions? Have you ever wondered if the grass is really greener living with a brand new set of parents?

Go online to if you're interested to apply to be on the CMT TV show, the world s strictest parents.

For parents, I guess the best way to control your children is to bring them closer to God. Only God can change your children's hearts for the better.