Peter King is right on time for his comment with Michael Jackson. He got the right move of riding on with Michael's gigantic publicity. He's running for the 2010 so he had thought he might as well consider using Michael Jackson as an advertisement to his candidacy. He's an old racist trying to win the sympathy of the teachers, the firefighters, etc. What a poor guy. Doesn't know how to make his own publicity without ever trying to criticize people especially the dead. This is the kind of person who doesn't listen to facts but go on with what he mentally perceives. Just look at the features of his face with those arched brows, isn't he like the devil?

Read his statement below:

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) says he never imagined the short Web video he made bashing the media for its round-the-clock coverage of Michael Jackson's death would go viral the way it has.

The congressman said in a telephone interview this afternoon that when he typically sets up a news conference, "maybe one radio station shows up." Of the frenzied reaction over his Jackson video, he said, "I didn't get expect it would get this response...My God."

In the video, which King posted on YouTube, the tough-talking, blue-collar Long Island pol calls Jackson a "pervert," a "child molester" and a "pedophile" and says the media has "disgraced itself" with its relentless coverage of the pop superstar's passing.

He's in some sort of denial that he's super jealous of the dead black man getting so much attention.