A ticket to Michael Jackson memorial I guess is necessary so as to control the number of people that would come to his memorial. It would be bad if all of his fans will be allowed to go because a stampede might happen. So the Michael Jackson memorial lottery is a necessary step to maintain order. Anyways, some TV stations have announced they will have a live coverage of his memorial.

For those who don't know yet the truth about the documentary made by a certain Martin Bashir about Michael Jackson, if you're interested you can check from YouTube. Just type on the search bar The Michael Jackson Interview Footage u weren't meant to see.

Mr. Bashir is one very big factor why the King of Pop was badly depressed. He was a traitor just like Judas Escariot when he betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Just like Judas, Mr. Bashir was so tempted by money. I suggest he should be hanged, too. He's such a disgrace as he has no right to make money by ruining people's lives. I suggest he should be hanged in a tree in front of the public and should be left there hanging till he rots.