I was very glad to see that although not all of Michael Jackson's fans were present to attend his public memorial at the Staples, most have seen it live on TV from all over the world. At least, his fans were able to be with him physically for the last time.

It's kind of comforting to know that despite of all the controversies that Michael had strangely faced when he was alive, there are still those many people who believed in him, in the goodness of his heart.

The vulturous media critics? - IGNORE THEM. They're just a bunch of money-loving creatures. To think, "who are they to judge and label him when they don't know what really happened?" Only God knows what Michael has done in his life and only God has the right to judge him. Anyways, these crazy critics will have their time and they'll suffer the consequences of their actions.

To those open minded positive people, let's just follow Michael's good examples and refrain from thinking about the bad. What good will it bring if we keep on recalling the negative things? We must move on.

To all his loyal fans all over the world, let us continue to pray for Michael's soul. That's the best thing we could do for him, and I bet he will be very happy to see us from heaven. He had already fulfilled his mission on earth.

And for those fans who have not seen his public memorial live, you can find video clips of Michael Jackson funeral ceremony video from YouTube.