Michael Jackson s 25 year old son Omer Bhatti has become the talk of the town. Don't they resemble each other?

But, does Michael really had a real son? Does Michael know he had a biological son? If so, why did he hide it in public while in fact his three other children's existence were very much acknowledged?

What could be the reason behind this concealment?
As we have known Omer was a self-made entertainer since he was a child at the talent-show ¨Bravo Bravissimo¨ in Italy 1995. Through the years, Omer had developed and continually improved his talents on his own. Michael have seen in Omer the same passion for music he had and saw that Omer has a potential to be a great artist. He might have wanted Omer to be acknowledged as a performer on his own right and not because he was the King of Pop's son. Omer was seen before with Michael in his performances many times and some people have thought he was just his bestfriend. Even Michael's brother Jermaine had attested he had seen Omer with Michael before.

Jermaine Jackson said he wasn't yet sure whether Omer, said to have been the result of a one-night stand, was his brother's son. But if he was a Jackson, he would be treated exactly the same as Michael's three younger children, he said.

'If Omer's his son, he's his son,' Jermaine declared yesterday.

'We won't deny it. We are going to give him the same love and care that we give Prince and Paris and Blanket. I can't clearly say if he is Michael's but I saw this kid around him.'

And so while Michael Jackson s 25 year old son is making a name of his own as he grow up, Michael was there secretly guiding and teaching him all along. You can watch videos of Omer dancing and his legs certainly move like Michael's.