Racial discrimination cannot be totally eradicated. It has been there for centuries and it could not be easily erased. In all instances of human life, racism is there. As long as there are people in this world who thinks they are superior than others, racism will continue to exist and more "Henry Louis Gates Jr arrest" will happen.

This is also the problem of some "concerned" citizens. They readily jump to conclusions without thinking and assessing things very carefully. They are sometimes overreacting.

I think I do understand the cause why Henry Louis Gates Jr behaved that way towards the police officer. He was tired from the trip and wanted to rest only to find out that his door was jammed. If that scenario happened to me, I could have axed my door down just to enter. Anyway, it's my door and I have all the right to do what I want to do with it. I guess, Mr Gates did not do other thing that disturbed his neighbors. And so his rage towards his door was aggravated by the appearance of a police officer questioning him in his own home.