Anne Sluti

Anne Sluti was a victim of kidnapping in 2001 when she was a teen. Her abductor, Anthony Zappa, a fugitive wanted for various crimes in several states, was arrested, charged with kidnapping and eventually sentenced to a maximum of life imprisonment. Zappa's attorney, James Martin Davis argued the punishment is too harsh.
Davis believes a punishment of 40 years would have been adequate. "Someday, if he walked out of a jail or a penitentiary, he would know in his own mind then, and only then, what he had truly sacrificed for his conduct," Davis said.
Well, serve him right. Actually, this kind of people who engages so much in crimes don't have anymore chances for rehabilitation. Their acts become their way of life and there's no turning back. I don't believe in second chances for them. The judge is right on his decision. Zappa had caused so many troubles to many people so it's just right that he should be kept in behind bars for the rest of his life so he can harm no one ever again.