The media is taking chances for a coverage of michael jackson s funeral. Sometimes I can't stop thinking that media intervention on the lives of the public or even private people is really disappointing and disgusting. Because of their "abnormal" desires to have scoop on stories, they always forget to respect the person's right to privacy. They don't care what would have become of the person after the exposure. All they care about is the money they could get out of the misery of others. I really hate the media. They are poisoning the sane minds of the public. They may not accept it, but it's just how they show it. They love to see people suffer and take a downfall in their careers just like what they did to Michael Jackson. Michael is acquitted by the jury because he was really innocent eversince, but the public had already viewed Michael as evil, as child molester because this is what the media had implied. Although not all media people are bad, mostly are. Please people, be vigilant in your judgments.