Here's a comeback of the bad old days of don t call me liz. The story goes this way:

The episode began when the McBee aide, addressing Becton by her full name, tried to set up a meeting between McDermott and visiting brass from JPMorgan Chase, new owners of Washington Mutual.

He checked back some days later, and committed the unpardonable offense of beginning the e-mail with the words "Hi Liz."

"Who is Liz?" Becton replied.

The assistant apologized for the first time. But Becton shot back, "Where did you get your information?"

Becton is right to feel the way she did. It's not really ethical to address people by nicknames especially when you're dealing business with them. But I guess she had been hard also on the aide who had apologized many times. I think the aide had already learned his lesson.