Hubert Webb and Five Others: Acquitted of Visconde Massacre Case

Hubert Webb and Five Others, acquitted of Visconde Massacre Case: After 15 years of incarceration, Visconde massacre suspects Hubert Webb, son of former senator and 5 others namely, Antonio "Tony Boy" Lejano, son of actress Pinky de Leon; Michael Gatchalian and Miguel Rodriguez, sons of prominent lawyers; Peter Estrada, son of a wealthy businessman; Pyke Fernandez, son of a retired commodore; and former police officer Gerardo Biong, were acquitted by the Supreme Court. With 7 justices voting for acquittal, 4 dissenting with the majority opinion, and 4 abstentions, the high court has allowed Hubert Webb and five others to be freed.

With the acquittal ruling, any filing for an appeal is definitely impossible due to the doctrine of double jeopardy.
In a press conference, SC spokesman Jose Midas Marquez said the decision is couched on “the failure of the prosecution to prove their guilt beyond reasonable doubt.”

“The majority is questioning the quality of the testimonies [of witnesses]…and their inherent inconsistencies,” he said.
The Supreme Court’s ruling did not give a closure to the decade long case. Rather it has provoked questions like, “ Who really killed Estrellita Vizconde and her daughters Carmela and Jennifer?”